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2013 Vintage Ciders

Specs and tasting notes for:

  • Sparkling Cider
  • Still Cider
  • Ice Cider
  • Keg Cider


Traditional Method Sparkling Cider.

All of our sparkling ciders are made using the Champagne Method. We harvest and press our apples as they mature from early September through November. We blend at the press based on harvest dates and pH for a healthy fermentation. After the primary fermentation in the fall, the ciders are racked and left to mature in stainless steel over the winter. In the early spring, we blend to find dynamism and synergy. The cider is then bottled with a liqueur de tirage, yeast and sugar, to initiate a secondary fermentation. In the cool cider barn, the secondary fermentation proceeds slowly, taking nearly 4 months to complete. The slow secondary fermentation is what creates tiny, persistent bubbles of unrivaled elegance which lift aromas out of the glass and impart a lively, creamy mouthfeel. After a period of rest we disgorge, eject the yeast, every bottle by hand and top it up with a dosage of cider.


2013 Beckhorn Hollow   750ml    96 cases made

This extra dry cider is a blend of American cider apples and English heirloom varieties, with a focus on Golden Russet. The aroma starts off with sour dried apricots and a warm field and moves into something darker like green oak leaves and forest duff. The mouth feel is light and airy, dominated by bubbles and is followed by a burst of juicy acidity which brings out bright fruit in spite of the bone dryness. The finish is long and mouthwatering, reminiscent of limes.

pH 3.37, TA 6.6 g/l, ABV 9.1%, RS 0.3%


2013 Northern Spy          750ml    378 cases made

This single variety, dry cider is made entirely from Northern Spy apples. The aroma is of summer plum, wet stones, fresh sea air and muted lemon. The mouth feel is creamy like chamois cloth and acidic, reminiscent of Prosecco and moving easily into the finish which is tight, long and clean with a lingering salty sensation.

pH 3.42, TA 6.2 g/l, ABV 7.9%, RS 0.7%


2013 Autumn’s Gold       750ml    291 cases made

This dry cider is a blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps balanced with varieties grown for aroma and acidity. The complex aroma is heavy with the perfume of sweet apple blossoms and buckwheat honey, waxy ripe apples, leather, fresh-cut wood and manly sweat. The solidly framed mid pallet is rich and full with the texture of a sun-warmed towel. The finish is chewy and ripe.

pH 3.59, TA 6.0 g/l, ABV 8.2%, RS .7%


2013 Darling Creek           750 ml   455 cases made

This semi-dry cider is a blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, fruity American cider apples and our own seedling varieties. The aroma is a play between sweet- honey suckle, apple blossom and red apple; herbal- gin, licorice, and allspice; and green- tomatillo and sapling. The mouth feel is big and thick with a soft but dry, velvety texture. The finish is full and balanced, with lingering notes of sweet, sour apricot.

pH 3.49, TA 8.2 g/l, ABV 8%, RS 1.5%


Perry Pear           750 ml   200 cases made

Perry, is cider made from pears. This semi-dry perry is made from 60% traditional English perry pear varieties: Brandy, Barland, Normanschin, Blakeney Red, Butt and Gin, and 40% Williams Pear (also known as Bartlett). The aroma is perfumed and intoxicating: jasmine, vanilla, figs, tropical fruits and pine tips. The mouth feel is firm but soft with fine silky tannins which linger on the finish.

pH 3.95, TA 4.0 g/l, ABV 7.7%, RS 1.5%


2013 Rustica       750 ml   273 cases

To be released.



Still Ciders

Still cider is cider unadorned by bubbles. Ciders made from true cider apples have an ideal balance of components for pairing with food. Cider occupies a unique place in the beverage spectrum: It has both the tannins to cut through and dissolve fat from food and the acids to clear, refresh and renew the pallet. Our still ciders, one from a single orchard and the other from a single esteemed cider variety, showcase the quiet, unassuming way that cider can enhance and synergize  food to make flavors pop and sing. These ciders are best consumed at cellar temperature in order to allow the tannins to open up.


2013 Kingston Black         750 ml   87 cases made

This still, dry cider is made entirely from an esteemed English bittersharp variety grown using organic farming practices in our Albee Hill orchard. Aroma: initially the pungency of kerosene, opening up into sweet clover, white flowers and lychee. This cider has a lean, taut, firm structure and buttery mouth feel. The finish has a balanced, lemony acidity which lingers but does not seem sour.

pH 3.7, TA 6.3 g/l, ABV 7%, RS 0.1%


2013 Albee Hill                   750ml    106 cases made

This still, dry cider is made entirely from apples harvest from our CL1 block on our Albee Hill orchard where shallow, shale-based soils and organic management practices concentrate tannins and polyphenolics. Aromas are of peach, fresh green apple and hay. The mouthfeel starts stoney, like wet shale, becoming silky round as the cider warms. The finish is soft, fresh and medium long.

pH 3.5, TA 4.0g/l, ABV 6.9%, RS 0.8%

Read a review of this cider on The Cider Journal here.



Ice Cider

Ice cider is ice wine made from apples. A sweet, dessert style cider which originated in Quebec, along La Route des cidres. There are two techniques for concentrating the natural apple sugars and flavors. The first is cryo-extraction (the freezing and pressing of frozen fruit); the second is cryo-concentration (the freezing of late harvest juice). We use the latter. Ice cider can have up to 15%RS, but is never cloying because it is balanced by the lively malic acid naturally found in apples.

2013 Essence     375ml    390 cases made

To be released


Cider in kegs

2013 Sow The Seeds       5.1 gallon (sixtel) 750 gallons made

Sow the seeds is a dry, tannic and lightly sparkling cider made using 60% or more bittersweets. We rotate batches through the kegs in 4 seasonal releases but the style is always the same. Sow the Seeds includes blends of some of our more experimental cider making techniques such as indigenous fermentation and lees aging.

We reserve kegs for customers who are interested in a long term relationship and devoting a tap line to well made, high quality cider. They offer an economical way to offer a truly dry, tannic house cider made vintage by vintage from organically grown traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples. They are absolutely not intended to be a substitute for mass produced alcopop.

Kegs are ordered directly from the farm and available only in NYC, Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes. Contact Ezra at six-o-seven-two-five-six-seven-five-five-four or ezra at evescidery dot com