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Retail in the NYC Metro area

Farmers Market’s in NYC

At the Union Square Greenmarket September through December

Fridays 8am-6pm

Saturdays 8am-6pm



Restaurants in New York

Ardesia   ardesia-ny.com/

Back Forty   www.backfortynyc.com

Back Forty West   http://backfortynyc.com/locations/back-forty-west-soho/

Breslin    http://thebreslin.com/

Blue Hill    www.bluehillfarm.com

Cleaver Co.   www.cleaverco.com/

El Colmado    elcolmadonyc.com/

Eleven Madison  elevenmadisonpark.com/

Gramercy Tavern    www.gramercytavern.com

Hearth    http://restauranthearth.com/

Ici   www.icirestaurant.com/

Inside Park   www.insideparknyc.com/

Iris Cafe  iriscafenyc.com/

Jimmy’s No. 43   jimmysno43.com/

Macelleria   www.macelleria.com/

Northern Spy Food Company    www.northernspyfoodco.com

Queens Kickshaw   thequeenskickshaw.com/

Roberta’s   www.robertaspizza.com/

Spotted Pig    http://www.thespottedpig.com/

Terrior Wine Bars   restauranthearth.com/Terroir.html

Tertulia    http://tertulianyc.com/

Trestle on Tenth  www.trestleontenth.com/

Tuffet   tuffetnyc.com/

The Farm on Adderly    thefarmonadderley.com



Wine Stores in New York

Astor Wines and Spirits   http://www.astorwines.com/

Appellation  Wine and Spirits  appellationnyc.com/

Bierkraft   http://www.bierkraft.com/

Big Nose Full Body   www.bignosefullbody.com

Bklyn Larder   www.bklynlarder.com

Brooklyn Oenology   www.brooklynoenology.com/ 

Dandelion Wine   http://dandelionwineshop.tumblr.com/

First Ave Vintner   www.firstavenuevintner.com/

Gourmet Guild   gourmetguildusa.com/williamsburg/

Marlow and Son’s   marlowandsons.com/

Murray’s Cheese   www.murrayscheese.com/

Natural Wine Company   www.naturalwine.com/

Ninth Ave Vintner   www.ninthavenuevintner.com

Riverdale Vintner   www.riverdalevintner.com

St. Marks Wine and Liquor   stmarkswine.com/

Table Wine  79-14 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372  (718) 478-9463