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Juneteenth Reparation Pack

In celebration of Juneteenth and in ongoing support of our land access partner, Quarter Acre for the People, we are offering a reparations cider sampler with our colleagues Redbyrd Orchard Cider and Open Spaces Cider. The offering includes 3 exclusive ciders made from wild foraged fruit and a virtual tasting and reparations conversation. Read the details here:

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You can have a direct connection to the farm and always have new ciders to taste, including members only vintages. With each package comes a detailed story about how the cider is created. Cider ships every quarter with the seasons.

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Want to shop for something specific? Browse our current vintages in the online shop and order directly from the farm. Open a cider box & enjoy with friends!

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Enjoy cider year-round by exploring unique pairings, recipes, and serving tips. Cider is as wide-ranging and unique as the lands, apple varieties, and makers. Learn how the origins of traditional cider and how to introduce it to family & friends.

About Eve's Cidery

Eve's Cidery is a small family farm producing naturally fermented ciders from our own organically-grown fruit and from wild-foraged apples and pears in the hills of Van Etten, located at the intersection of the Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau, traditional lands of the Cayuga Nation and Haudenosaunee Confederacy, in upstate New York.


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Choose from 3 Unique Cider Experiences

Share the nuances of cider with our NEW sampler, vintage, and magnum packs.

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Inventory : Only 20 cases available.
Inventory : Only 20 cases available.


Explore 3 unique vintages of single variety cider in one complete case. 

Taste and compare vintage and orchard origin in this case of bone dry, single varietal sparkling cider. Comes with a guide to each of the three vintages.

$216.00 – Pack contains 12 bottles:

  • 2014 Northern Spy x4
  • 2015 Northern Spy x4
  • 2016 Northern Spy x4

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Inventory : Only 20 cases available.
Inventory : Only 20 cases available.


Experience the incredible range that cider has to offer, from bone dry champagne-like sparklers to welcome your guests with, to rich and tannic bittersweet ciders to the rare and incomparable dessert beverage... ice cider and everything in-between.

This case includes 2 vintages of several varieties including the other wise SOLD OUT 2014 Autumn's Gold, and 2015 Darling Creek.

$220 – Pack contains 12 distinct bottles, including Essence:

  • 2014 Autumn's Gold
  • 2014 Autumn's Gold
  • 2015 Autumns Gold
  • 2016 Essence
  • 2014 Northern Spy
  • 2015 Northern Spy
  • 2016 Northern Spy
  • 2016 Albee Hill
  • 2015 Rustica
  • 2016 Darling Creek
  • 2015 Darling Creek

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Autumns Gold magnum barn


Do you love bittersweet cider? Do you want to impress your friends with beautiful large format bottles? Or is one bottle of delicious cider just not enough?

$128 – Pack contains 4 Magnum sized bottles:

  • 2015 Autumn's Gold
  • 1.5 Liters

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