Baked Brie and Pommeau by the Fire

As the days grow colder, the evenings grow longer, and we find a moment to linger by the woodstove, sipping 5-year-old Pommeau, deep in conversation making winter plans...

Apples and Brie at Eve's Cidery

The Ingredients

Lively Run's brie style cheese, Sheldrake Moon, is transformed into a decadent autumn treat with our own Northern Spy apples, toasted nuts and Beeman Apiaries raw honey scooped up with toasted Wide Awake Bakery sour dough and paired with Eve's 13/17 Pommeau (GET IT SHIPPED).

All these farmers are friends and neighbors of Eve's Cidery!

Homestead Harvest at Eve's Cidery

The Setting

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. There is a deeper chill in the air. Autumn has just finished the grape harvest over on Seneca Lake and Ezra and crew have a little over over a week of apple picking left. The last of the homestead harvest is being gathered...the frosted chili peppers, the beets and carrots, the winter squash are all piled in boxes in the kitchen demanding to be processed or stored away.

Fall on the farm is a frenetic time. Different than summer, more work has to be crammed into a shorter day and the impending freeze of winter sets an absolute deadline. Still, there's now that new sliver of time at the end of the day when the early darkness puts an end to outside work but it's not yet time for dinner and bed.

This is a good time to ponder the newly bottled pommeau...and to make winter plans. Dreams for that elusive time when there's a little less to do...

Baked Seneca Moon

The Pairing

As an apéritif  or as a dessert, our warm, nutty pommeau is inspiring paired with a New-York-State-fall-flavored twist on a classic recipe.

Take a soft, bloomy rind cheese like Brie, Camembert, or a local version like Lively Run's Sheldrake Moon, wrap it in tin foil and put it in the oven for a bit until the cheese is melted inside.

While it's melting, toast thinly sliced sour dough bread to make crostini, toast a hand full of chopped nuts, and then caramelize some finely diced, full flavored apples by cooking them until soft and slightly browned in butter with a dash of cinnamon.

After placing it on a plate, cut a large hole in the top of the rind, fill it with apples and nuts, and drizzle raw honey on top.

Scoop gooey warm cheese and melted honey with your sourdough crisps and sip and savor a great pommeau.

Eve's Cidery Pommeau (ORDER ONLINE).


Do It Yourself

We made just 3 barrels of this beauty. Order now and we will ship your bottles of 2013/17 Pommeau within a couple days.

Time to put cider on your table!

Autumn Stoscheck

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