Holiday Reparations Pack 2020

Holiday Reparations

A Collaboration between Eve’s Cidery, Open Spaces Cider and Redbyrd Orchard Cider

  • 3 very special, tiny production, wild foraged ciders from Eve’s Cidery, Redbyrd Orchard Cider, Open Spaces Cider.
  • Art for enjoying and sharing. 1 framable fine art print and 3 note cards from artist Brad DeFrees
  • An invitation to our virtual party and discussion tasting on Wednesday December 27th at 5pm EST. 
  • A financial match supporting Quarter Acre Project to provide access to local farm land/fallow land for local families, particularly those in the community that are nutritionally-vulnerable.

Holiday Reparations Pack Details

We are sold out for the Dec 2020 offering (thank you all)

Please be in touch to get on our list for the next Package by emailing Melissa at

The holiday gift giving season is a fitting time to engage in the practice of reparations. Through joyful acts of generosity, we can both ritually and materially redistribute wealth in acknowledgement of the structural racism in our society and the injustices it yields. Reparations are disruptive to the status quo as they are a direct form of resistance to systems of oppression that concentrate wealth in the hands of white people. Want to dig into some of the thinking behind reparations as a practice and a journey? Check out Melissa's essay Start by Telling the Truth or watch this virtual panel on Cider and Reparations

Open Spaces

Open Spaces Cider 2019

Wild foraged bottle conditioned cider

7.5% alc/vol, 0% residual sugar, 750 mL, 22 cases made

Tasting notes: strong minerality, a bit of funk, structured tannins

In 2019 our wild foraging was wet, muddy and tenacious. We harvested in the dark, in the rain and ultimately, in the snow. We sought the story of how our familiar trees yielded in such a wet fall, as compared to previous pommage and those to come. After a full four months of foraging- where the season went looong and we harvested into December- we blended the full wild harvest into a chardonnay wine barrel to rest. In July we woke the barrel to jump start secondary, in bottle fermentation. After a suspected spontaneous malolactic fermentation during bottle conditioning, we arrive here- Open Spaces Cider’s first pommage!

Redbyrd Cider

Redbyrd Wild Pippin 2015

Wild foraged apples. Dry with secondary fermentation in bottle, 2015

8.4% alc/vol, 0% residual sugar, 750 ml, 44 cases produced

tasting notes : a delicate nose of white pepper and lemon grass. herbaceous notes of freshly dug wild carrot root, mouth watering tannins.

In a good apple year, the wild apples hang from hedgerows and along roadsides in central New York like gems.  It’s a difficult task to harvest but we are driven by the possible uncovering of exciting new varieties, and each spring we graft the best of these wild selections into our orchard collection.  This cider is from 100% wild grown fruit collected from wild grown seedling trees from the bumper crop in 2015. We have made this cider before, and although from a different blend of wild fruit we see similarities in herbaceous, rustic, complex, and wild flavors from the fruit showing the influence of growing conditions and environment being as influential as the variety itself.

Eve's Spirit of the Pear

Eve's Spirit of the Pear

Wild foraged pear eau de vie with wild foraged perry

22% alc/vol, 3% residual sugar, 375ml, 30 cases made

Tasting notes: slightly sweet, soft and pure with delicate aromas of freshly sliced pear, vanilla and pear blossoms.

Each year we gather wild pears from the pastures and hedgerows of the hills and hollars surrounding our farm and ferment them into wild perry. In the deft hands of distiller Collin McConville, the beauty of the 2019 pear harvest was captured in spirit form. We blended the unaged pear brandy with partially fermented pear juice from this years' wild pear harvest to create an after dinner sipping libation that captures all the ethereal beauty of the pear with just a slight hint of sweetness. The amount of work required here is mind boggling: The spirit was distilled from perry that is 2/3 wild pears and 1/3 Barletts grown by Fran Delemano. From 800 gallons of perry, we made just 50 gallons of spirit. The perry used to dilute the spirit is 100% wild foraged. Truly the spirit of pears captured in the bottle.


Join Us!- This is a multi step gift giving journey.

In fact, there are lots of different actions along the way. It is disruptive to use a retail system to affect reparations. We ask you to read on if you are interested and willing to take the time. We will explain both the how and the why as we go. 

We want to celebrate with you, because we feel that is important. Celebration is what cider does best.

Through the economics of this package, we’ll explore one way land-based, value-added businesses can enact reparations.

How? Most simply (but with lots of explanation later): 

You buy it and 82% of its value goes to our land access partner Quarter Acre for the People (Khuba International) (QAP)

When you receive it, we connect for a live stream tasting on DEC 27th at 5pm

We include land-based art to encourage rich dialogue with us and your loved ones.

The payments from this package support land access for BIPOC farmers, who are traditionally excluded and marginalized (yes, even in the small farm movement).

We acknowledge this is not THE thing. This is A thing, informed by the local ask of our BIPOC-led land access collaborator.

How the match works:

The full retail value of this package is $100. We charge for only packaging materials of bottles, labels, caps/corks, paper...this comes to $17.68, and those with shipping will pay that fee directly to Vinoshipper. The remaining value is $82.32, to be donated to Quarter Acre for the People instead of each cidery accepting payment for this portion.

The balance between materials and retail value is achieved by sharing the products of our labor- based on inherited wealth and class privilege- and the fruit/fermented cider- in acknowledgement of stolen land. 

YES! It does require several steps. Since we as cideries cannot directly donate from alcohol sales, we ask that you to connect with QAP directly to make your donation. We  believe that taking the steps  is part of the complex nature of executing reparations. Please join us and do ask for help if you have any questions!

FOR SHIPPING: Email Melissa at to arrange UPS shipping and payment. You will be charged the materials balance of the package ($17.68) and your unique shipping fee depending on where it goes.


Email Melissa at to arrange payment and pick up from one of our local options

Local pick ups also have a cheese pairing option, which we can arrange when you contact us!

Local Pick Up Sites:

  • PressBay Food Hub: Mondays Dec 14th and 21st (3-5pm) AND Thursday Dec 17th (4-7p)
  • Main Street Market Dec 10-20th, 11a-6p (closed Sundays and Mondays)


Melissa Madden from Open Spaces Cider: and if you like, we can set up a call to answer any questions!