Holiday 2022 Star Man Cider Package: SOLD OUT

Star Man

This cider collaboration raises funds for Native Conversations FLX: An art and performance show featuring native artists.

The package itself consists of 1 cider from each cidery and a print from collaborating artist Travis Mammedaty.

‘Native Conversations FLX’ is an artist curated show that will consist exclusively of Native American artists and performers. Native Conversations FLX focuses on Native American culture as it reflects past, present and future, interpreted through each artist’s unique culture. We especially center the presence of Native cultures in the present, while envisioning the future and sharing a more complete story of the past.

In early June 2023, the Community Arts Gallery will open with an evening of cider and artist introductions. The show will feature open gallery hours, language workshops, storytelling and music.

Primary Sponsors: The History Center of Tompkins County, Eve’s Cidery, Redbyrd Orchard Cider and Open Spaces Cider.

We welcome more collaboration from interested groups and individuals.

For more info and to get involved email Melissa at

Travis Mammedaty is a Kiowa/Seneca-Cayuga contemporary expressionist artist hailing from Oklahoma. Travis works in acrylic and charcoal with bold colors and powerful brush strokes focusing on Kiowa oral tradition. His art is featured across the country from the Gilrease Museum in Tulsa, OK to St. Petersburg, Florida. Travis is also a Kiowa language instructor, historian and singer.  

Instagram @chases_the_red_blanket



An aged warrior still at the ready for whatever battles are in his way.


Eve’s Cidery’s Autumn’s Gold ‘21

Traditional Method Sparkling Cider, 750 mL

Redbyrd Orchard Cider's Somerset Redstreak/Zabergau/Roxbury Russet ‘21

Naturally Sparkling. 750 mL

Open Spaces Cider’s Late Harvest Pet Nat ‘21

Petillant Natural, 750 mL

Questions? Email us at

21 Autumns Gold back