Choose from 4 Unique Cider Experiences

Share the nuances of cider with our holiday packs.

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Experience the incredible range that cider has to offer, from bone dry champagne-like sparklers to welcome your guests with, to our rich and layered 5 year pommeau. We've included a bottle each of 10 ciders that showcase the work we do plus 2 bottles each of our most popular ciders.

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$236 – Pack contains 12 bottles, including:

  • 2015 Rustica x 2
  • 2016 Kingtown Spigold
  • 2016 Autumn's Gold
  • 2017 Autumn's Gold
  • 2017 Albee Hill
  • 2017 Darling Creek x 2
  • 2017 Kingston Black
  • 2017 Perry Pear
  • 2017 Essence
  • 2013/2017 pommeau

Eves's Cidery Single Varietal Pack

Experience 6 rare, single varietal ciders: 2 sparkling, 4 still, 5 estate grown, all dry. All of these extremely limited production beauties are exclusive to our website, and some to this pack.

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$102– Pack contains:

  • 2017 Kingston Black- sparkling, estate
  • 2017 Northern Spy-sparkling, estate
  • 2016 Cellar Series: Kingtown Spigold- sparkling, Finger Lakes
  • 2017 Cellar Series: Porter's Perfection- still, estate
  • 2017 Cellar Series: Frequin Rouge- still, estate
  • 2017 Cellar Series: Newfield Northern Spy- sparkling, estate

Finger Lakes Pig Pack

Experience the magical pairing of cider and pork! As they say: "What grows together, goes together." In this case its a rich, tannic, sparkling cider made from our own estate grown, bittersweet cider apples and The Piggery's pastured raised, heritage breed, nitrate-free pork products. All grown and made in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

$51 – Pack contains:

  • 2- bottles of 2017 Darling Creek
  • 1- 8oz Piggery Pepperoni
  • 1- 7oz Piggery Bacon Jam

Eve's Cidery Magnum Pack

Do you love bittersweet cider? Do you want to impress your friends with beautiful large format bottles? Or is one bottle of delicious cider just not enough?

$128 – Pack contains 4 Magnum sized bottles:

  • 2015 Autumn's Gold
  • 1.5 Liters