18/19 Essence pairing issue

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Hi there, hows it going? Today I'm going to be talking about pairing ideas for the (drumroll please) newly released Essence ice cider! This honey colored desert cider is a decadent, luscious, mouthful. It goes well with vanilla ice cream, pecan sandies and toasted spiced nuts, among other things...

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If you’ve ever had a garden you probably know the feeling of harvest. After many months of weeding, watering, and caring for those plants you finally get something in return, something totally worth it. Many fruits and veggies ripen in the summertime, and at least at our house anyways, they are preserved to be enjoyed over the winter. It's a way to capture the bounty of the season to enjoy at another time.

garlic scapes

Jam, garlic scapes, tomato sauce, apple butter, herbs of all types, peaches, and pickles are all packed away in different manners of preservation through out the summer. Ice cider is the same idea but on the opposite end of the calendar.

Frozen Cider

Ice cider is a product of the winter (the name makes it pretty obvious) because the apple juice must be frozen to produce the most concentrated, high sugar juice possible (you can read all about how we make ice cider here). The essence of the apple is captured through a freezing and thawing process that can only happen in the winter. A winter harvest.

pecan sandies

Which is why ice cider paired with pecan-sandies-ice-cream-sandwiches (PSICS) and eaten on a hot summer afternoon is one of the best things imaginable. Here is a delicious 4 ingredient pecan sandies recipe. After the cookies cooled, I sandwiched local vanilla ice cream in between and OH MY GOD heaven.

essence shot

The brown butter and pecans in the cookies play nicely with the caramelly flavors in the ice cider, while the zingy red fruit acid in the cider cuts through the creamy vanilla ice cream. And there's just something about eating cold ice cream with ice cider that is a delightful sensory pairing as well.


Try the new ice cider on a hot summer evening and let it transport you to the icy cold. It is winter in a bottle! While it pairs beautifully with ice cream sandwiches, it is also a dessert all by itself. Get yourself some ice cider through our online store here.

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