Fall 2022 Harvest Report

By evescidery | Sep 25, 2022

As the 2022 growing season enters its harvest season I am finding stark beauty in the way that nature finds its equilibrium. Our orchard is not a machine, a unit of production. It is a living breathing ecosystem. And this year, much like the wild apple trees, it is resting after last year’s massively abundant…

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Interview with the Label Artist

By evescidery | May 5, 2022

Interview with the Artist   Autumn interviews Leila   A: Describe your background in art. How did you get started, who and what has supported/influenced you?   L: I am very blessed to be raised in an artistic family. My grandmother is a painter and former dancer, my grandfather a sculptor, my nana a writer…

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Autumn’s Nut Cake

By evescidery | Dec 10, 2021

Autumn’s Nut Cake This simple cake can be made with walnuts or pecans, or if you are lucky, shagbark hickory nuts!   Ingredients: 8 ounces ground nuts 8 ounces maple sugar  6 eggs whipped cream for topping is optional   Directions: preheat oven to 350F Seperate the eggs Beat the yolks with the maple sugar…

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Thoughts on Cider and Reparations

By evescidery | Dec 10, 2021

Photo on page 5 of The Apples of New York by Beech et al. (1) In her 2017 book, The Ghost Orchard (2), Helen Humphreys writes that white settlers made cider from the apples born on the trees that sprouted and regrew from Indian orchards girdled by General Sullivan’s army in 1779. She quotes a…

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Harvest Report 2021

By evescidery | Nov 15, 2021

We knew, given our light crop in 2020, that the spring might bring a heavy bloom. We didn’t expect the bloom we saw though, because it was like nothing we had ever seen. Trees so covered in blossoms that they looked like white clouds. It wasn’t just the apples though…all over our hillside it was…

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2021 Apprenticeship

By evescidery | Dec 30, 2020

Are you interested in learning how to make cider, grow apples, or run a small farm based business? Consider our 2021 farm apprenticeship at Eve’s Cidery. Come be part of our family farm and learn about growing apples specifically for cider with over 50 different traditional cider varieties on a certified organic and bio-intensively managed…

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the End of Fall or the Beginning of Winter

By evescidery | Nov 12, 2020

Hello there, welcome back to the Beckhorn Valley View. I admit I have not been the most reliable columnist, but here is another irregular episode of Eve’s Cidery with your wonderful host, Leila. Here in New York we are at a funny point in time, it is not fall anymore however it isn’t winter yet…

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Harvest Report 2020

By evescidery | Oct 29, 2020

As I write this in the last week of October, we have finished picking and are now turning to pressing the last batch of apples waiting in the barn. It’s a good thing too, because the glorious harvest weather has turned– a cold steady rain is falling and there is a heavy freeze moving in.…

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Japanese Cury Hand Pies Paired with Autumn’s Gold Cider

By evescidery | Sep 30, 2020

Japanese Beef Curry Hand Pies Everytime I drop my daughter off at practice, I grab a snack at the Mama Said Hand Pies shop next door to the circus school. Husband and wife team Gabe and Hiroko have mastered the art of small-bite-satisfaction and when I had their Japanese curry hand pie a few weeks…

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18/19 Essence pairing issue

By evescidery | Aug 1, 2020

Hi there, hows it going? Today I’m going to be talking about pairing ideas for the (drumroll please) newly released Essence ice cider! This honey colored desert cider is a decadent, luscious, mouthful. It goes well with vanilla ice cream, pecan sandies and toasted spiced nuts, among other things… If you’ve ever had a garden…

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