James bottling cider
James bottling cider

Our Cidery

No one ever tells you this, but the truth is, making cider, like making wine, is mostly glorified dishwashing. Our work in the cidery is not some kind of alchemy, it’s a simple job: to not screw up the apples we have spent all season growing. Our approach to cidermaking is to pay attention at all times, to remember what we know and then to improvise, to keep things clean, mostly, and to stay humble. And so we wash the press and the tanks and then we wash the fittings and the hoses and more tanks. Out of this menial labor we try to shepherd beauty.

You can ruin great fruit in the cidery, but you can’t make great cider out of mediocre fruit. Click here to learn about the nitty gritty aspects our cider making process.


Each chapter in the list below is a link to detailed information on how we make our cider and why we do it that way.