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Why You Should Be Drinking Pét-Nat Ciders

By Beth Demmon in Wine Enthusiast, 10/26/2023

“Pét-nat is unpredictable,” explains Autumn Stoscheck, cider maker and orchardist at Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten, New York. But that’s part of the appeal of her ciders—they’ll never taste quite the same as the year before.

Her pét-nats are “juicy and gulpable,” and she prioritizes using cider apples “that are fresh and fruity with soft tannins, and get a lot of charm and character from their aromatics.” While cider can—and should—be enjoyed all year round, she says spring is an especially good season to crack open a bottle. Try their biannual Tydeman’s Early, as a particularly delightful pick.

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The Finger Lakes Cider Trail is travel ready!

By Melissa Madden, 4/26/2023

The Cider Trail is an invitation to visit beloved regional cider makers- many of whom launched Finger Lakes Cider Week in 2012- and newer cideries who expand the Trail to the FLX’s western edges. Following Cider Week FLX (May 5-14th), the Cider Trail formally launches with opening events May 19th - 21st, 2023. Please check out the website for events, tastings and visit info! 

The Finger Lakes Cider Trail invites cider lovers (or new explorers) into this world of pommage (vintage for cider), production style, unique orchards and family-run businesses. Check out the specifics for each cidery to book a visit, drop in or find an event!


Some Stones From Underneath — Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten, New York

By Adam Wells, 9/21/2022

Photography by Melissa Jones

To say that Eve’s has had an impact on both the local cider scene and the broader international picture since would be a huge understatement.

“It was like ‘wow, what is this cider?’” cider writer, author, and educator Gabe Cook says of his first taste of their creations. “Textural, aromatic, perfectly-poised acidity, stone fruit-iness. I love everything that they do. Every single one of their ciders is sublime. There’s no other way of saying it.”

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Why the Finger Lakes Is Becoming the Capital of Cider

By Jason Wilson, 9/17/2021

"Eve's is one of the nation's most established cider makers, producing dry, artisanal bottlings since 2002—about as old as contemporary craft cider gets in America. I tasted batches made from a single apple variety, such as Northern Spy; others were sourced from a single place, such as Albee Hill, a veritable cider grand cru."

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The Best Cider, Taste Tested

By Gabe Cook 11/11/20

"Far from being a UK-only phenomenon, you can find world class ciders all around the globe, and many are available to purchase in the UK. From one of the USA’s best cider makers comes this naturally sparkling cider, blending classic English and French cider apples with some USA heirloom varieties, creating a moreishly bold and zingy drink."

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Cider Makers Are Betting on Foraged Apples for Climate Resilience

By Bridget Shrivell 12/3/20

"Stoscheck started Eve’s Cidery nearly 20 years ago. She and her business partners forage mainly for wild pears, specifically looking for fireblight-resistant trees. They’ve grafted and are trialing wild pear specimens that other cidermakers in the Finger Lakes have found, as well as apples."

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Episode #4 Annoyingly Succinct

By Grant Hutchison, Gabe Cook and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman 11/8/20

This week’s interview is the boy’s first trip out of the UK! Connecting with a wonderful duo in their home all the way in the Finger Lakes region of New York in the US, the Neutral Cider Hotel is proud to host Autumn Stoscheck and Ezra Sherman of Eve’s Cidery. An orchard-based cidery with a focus on organic farming and minimal intervention, their drinks are always stunning and the boys dive into deep conversation straight away. Moving through every subject in fine cider, from terroir and sense of place, self-taught banjo players, the difficulties of innovation and child labour in the name of art.

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30 Best Ciders.

By Staff 11/17/20

"This sparkling cider made exclusively from Northern Spy apples from Eve’s Cidery in New York thrives in its understated glory, crisp, dry and nearly champagne-like."

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The Best Hard Ciders to Drink This Winter.

By Kristin Adaway 11/24/20

5 ciders, mostly from the Finger Lakes, to drink this winter.

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CIDER CONVERSATIONS: Reparations & Cider

Autumn moderates a panel of Cider industry colleagues in discussion about reparations in the cider industry for Finger Lakes Cider Week 2020.

Watch the video here.


By Christopher Barnes March 15, 2020

 is described as "the Robert Mondavi character in the Finger Lakes cider story," in Jason Wilson's The Cider Revival: Dispatches from the Orchard. Grape Collective talks with Stoscheck about the evolving cider movement.

Read the article and watch the video here.

How 7 Women Brought the Finger Lakes to the Beard House.

By Alexandria Jones. January, 30, 2020

“It’s a positive feedback loop that just keeps increasing the level of quality and…engagement of smart, visionary, hard-working people being involved in food,”

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My Vineyard Year

By Autumn Stoscheck December 2019

An essay on her sabbatical year at Forge Cellars.

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Why Cider Should be the Official Drink of Thanksgiving

By Elin Mcoy November 18, 2019

"This Frothy Classic (2016 Autumn's Gold) from New York's finger Lakes was made by one of the leaders of the cider revival. Broad, rich and moderately tart, it has smokey, fruity flavors and a long finish."

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The Case for Serving Cider for Thanksgiving

By Mike Pomranz November 15, 2019

"Launching in 2001, Eve's Cidery was ahead of the curve in foreseeing a resurgence in traditional cider, and founder Autumn Stoscheck offers another compelling reason to serve cider: Its lower alcohol levels won't put a dent in your evening. "In my family, a festive meal means many courses and a long convivial evening spent at the table," she says. "Well-made ciders from small producers can offer the same level of interest and intrigue as wine but with less ABV. That means plenty of tannin, acid and savory flavors to refresh and excite our palates without all the alcohol to make us sleepy."

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Connections: Discussing the Finger Lakes Cider Industry

By Evan Dawson September 17th, 2019

Public Radio's Evan Dawson interviews the indomitable Autumn Stoscheck of Eve's Cidery, honest Eric Shatt of Redbyrd Orchards, and Jason Wilson, author of the juicy and newly-released page turner "The Cider Revival: Dispatches from the Orchard".

Listen to the podcast episode on NPR


Autumn's Apple: Ciders and Perry From Eve's Cidery

By Meg Houston Maker September 8th, 2019

"These are gastronomy ciders: complex, textural, savory, revitalizing. They are forthright yet stylish. “Forthright” because they’re made from organic orchard and foraged fruit, wild fermented and bottle conditioned, without adjuncts or manipulations. Stoscheck finds apples provocative enough.

“Stylish” because, like any fine craft, they transcend their raw materials to become something else. Yes, they taste like apple or pear, but their flavors are a tapestry of fruit and flower, herb and nut. Their tannic-acid structure forms a backbone for their sinew and flesh. They’re vital, they’re deep, they’re evocative. Tasting them, I imagine landscape, weather, light through trees, the place they come from.

What more could anyone want?"

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The Cider Revival: Dispatches from the Orchard

By Jason Wilson September 3rd, 2019

"We tasted three of her single-varietal Northern Spy bottlings, each from a different harvest from 2014 through 2016. These were intense, nervy ciders with soaring acidity, almost like a great, unaged riesling or like many of the natural wines that younger drinkers have fallen for."

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Can new Oakland bar Redfield finally make cider happen in the Bay Area?

BY Esther Mobley February 6th, 2019

"And it’s hard to imagine anyone — whether you drink off-dry Rieslings or hoppy IPAs or anything in between — disliking something like the Eve’s Cidery Darling Creek, from New York ($11/6 ounces), a rich, honeyed, beautifully textured cider, also made in the Champagne method. It’s as bracing as a great beer and as layered as a great wine."

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The Women Leading American Cider Forward

BY SHELBY VITTEK January 17th, 2019

"Autumn Stoscheck is one of the earliest leaders of the American cider revival and among the industry's most significant players...Today, with her husband, Ezra Sherman, she grows apple varieties like Kingston Black, Northern Spy and Porter's Perfection to make varietal bottlings that showcase the region's unique terroir."

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Ciderology: From History and Heritage to the Craft Cider Revolution

BY Gabe Cook 

"Based in the Finger Lakes area of New York State, Eve's Cidery is a by-word for quality, orchard-based cider...(Eve's) expertise extends not just to the quality of the liquid in the bottle, but also the way the bottle is presented. The transparency of what goes into each cider-- the breakdown of varietals by percentage and full production notes-- is admirable, too. There's nothing to hide here-- only pride, honesty and integrity.."

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Discover Perry, Your New Cider Alternative


"Eve’s Cidery 2017 Perry Pear, $18. Made from wild pears grown in upstate New York, this dry, bottle-conditioned perry strikes a balance between earthy and fruity. Delicate bubbles propel orchard fruit and sweet hay flavors, with a light ginger spice."

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Cider in the Northeast: Tradition Through Innovation

"Orchard-based cider, both still and sparkling, can be stunningly complex, can age and develop, and can be an excellent pairing for a variety of foods. While it really is great on a warm summer day, it can also be deeply satisfying on a cold, dreary evening, paired with a rich stew.

How do I know? I’ve done it myself.

I have also enjoyed cider with a tasting menu at one of the top NYC restaurants, Agern, where they have Eve’s Cidery “Albee Hill” (a still, dry cider) on the menu; and it stood up to every course we enjoyed. In fact, that was the moment I realized that it was time to learn more about this beverage.

Why was this cider so good?"

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The Thrill of Still: Eve's Cidery 2017 Albee Hill

June 20th

"I've said it before, but I'm becoming fonder and fonder of still ciders. That's not a knock on the enticing sparklers, but with still ciders I get that full apple-wine experience. They seem more versatile to me in terms of being used as "table" ciders to go with food, too. This could be a nice Loureiro, for instance. The very dry ones—the kind of ciders I like in general—are often better with food when still in my view. This 2017 is the latest release of a great still example from Eve's Cidery—and a momentous one."

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Think you know what cider is? You’re probably wrong.

"Contrast that with a session I attended on Thursday called “Champagne Method Cider,” where I experienced several mind-blowing sparkling ciders made by Eden Specialty Ciders in Vermont, Snowdrift Cider in Washington state and two cidermakers from New York’s Finger Lakes, Eve’s Cidery and Redbyrd Orchard Cider. What we tasted was every bit as complex as fine wine, with the same attention paid to the apples as a winemaker would to the grapes."

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This Fruit Geek Is Disrupting Conventional Northeast Apple Growing and Cider Making

“With dead soil, the fruit tends to be water sugar and acid. When you ferment the sugar away, it reveals what’s left,” cider maker Autumn Stoscheck says. “I believe the way you grow the apple matters for the quality of the cider.”

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Cider Round-up, Winter 2017: New Ciders and an Occasional Second Look

December 13, 2017

"This Finger Lakes producer has been a mainstay here. If you're looking for exceptional American cider, this is a great place to start, and it’s certainly a place you have to know if you care about cider. The ciders are benchmarks in the region and beyond. I've found that they can age, too, although there are still ins-and-outs to that we need to explore further. There are few owners as informative and active as Autumn Stoscheck, who has been following her passion since (literally) before she became old enough to get a license."

Read the entire review at Wine Advocate


October 26, 2017

On this special Cider Week NYC edition of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined in studio by Jen Smith, the Executive Director of the New York Cider Association, Ezra Sherman, owner of Eve’s Cidery, and Dan Wilson from Slyboro Cider House in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Tune in to hear them talk about the impact of apple varieties and terroir on the cider being produced in New York state.

Listen to the Podcast here.

Finger Lakes Cider Boom Foremother: Autumn Stoscheck

October 4, 2017 By Peggy Haine

Stoscheck started out as a starstruck kid, enamored of farming and, through a series of odd jobs and chance encounters, realized she wanted to make the world better through agriculture, selling a high-quality product from her own land. James Cummins introduced her to the world of orcharding and, she said, she first tasted cider, a Golden Russet bubbly made by local cider maker Peter Hoover, which she described as “a revelation.”

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30 Best Ciders

September 2017 By Staff

This sparkling cider made exclusively from Northern Spy apples from Eve’s Cidery in New York thrives in its understated glory, crisp, dry and nearly champagne-like.

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5 Ciders To Sip This Fall

September 26, 2017 By Erin Meister

Hard ciders, light-on-the-alcohol sparklers in wine-sized bottles, are cool, crisp and downright exciting. Their flavor and character can vary widely based on the type of apples used, the soil in which they’re grown, and how long the juice was aged.

See Rachel's top 5 ciders here.

8/9/17 090: Eve’s Cidery – Orchard Walk | New York


We have to start raising our kids on dry cider and they will be able to taste terroir.

                                  ~ Autumn Stoscheck

Guest Podcaster and cidermaker, Alex Kroh, bring us into the orchard at Eve’s Cidery. This episode 90 is Part 1 of a two-part show with  the makers at this New York State cidery! Find Part 2 when it goes live next week on episode 91.

Listen to the podcast here

New York Wins Big On Tour Of England's Cider Country

June 18, 2017 By Glynwood

New York cider is well on its way to its own brand of distinction, as evidenced by this delegation’s sweep of awards at the Royal Bath & West Show, England’s biggest celebration of rural life. The international category in the show’s British Cider Championships, new this year, was dominated by New York ciders: 17 medal winners, including 3 to Eve’s Cidery (Van Etten) Organizers of the competition declared their intention to establish the Championship as an international center of excellence for cider, acknowledging the dynamic growth of U.S. cider production by humorously noting the presence of an “American invasion.

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Dan Berger's International Cider Competition Results


Eve's Darling Creek wins best of class in Dan Berger's International Cider Competition.

Read the press release here.

From the Finger Lakes, a Real Cider Maker’s Cider

"Stoscheck has been making hard cider for years but still considers herself a beginner. “The truth is I’ve made cider 14 times. That’s not very many,” the founder of Finger Lakes–based Eve’s Cidery says. “I’ve dumped thousands of gallons and killed hundreds of trees.” But ask any local cider aficionado what they drink, and chances are they’ll point you in her direction."

Read the full article in Edible Manhattan



Why You Should Pour Champagne-Style Ciders This Holiday Season

11/3/16 by Sabine Hrechdakian

"There are a bevy of local and low-alcohol New York State ciders that, for the quality relative to Champagne, are generally more affordable."

"Eve’s Cidery, an organic orchard in Van Etten, New York, exemplifies this approach because this is the only method they use to make their sparkling cider. They even go as far as to disgorge each bottle by hand instead of using a machine. Their Darling Creek 2015 is a semi-dry cider made with a blend of wild apples and classic English bittersweets (a class of apple varieties prized for high tannin and high sugar) with poetic English names like Bramley’s Seedling, Somerset Redstreak, Ellis Bitter, Wickson and Harry Masters Jersey. The final product has wonderful structure and a complex fruity aroma that they describe as “apple blossoms, marzipan, cream soda and tamari.”

Read the full article at Edible Manhattan


Cidermakers Search For Apple Terroir In The Finger Lakes

10/25/16 by Sabine Hrechdakian

“Golden Russet has such phenomenal aromatics,” muses Autumn Stoscheck, owner of Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten, New York, as we walk past rows she cultivates on a steep hillside overlooking her house in the valley below. “It’s what I want to smell in a cider: melons, petrol and ripe fruit.”

Read the full article at Food Republic


Cider at the Table : A Traditional American Libation Enters the Modern Era

8/31/16 by Aaron Romano, Wine Spectator

"(Eve's Northern Spy is) Made in the traditional méthode champenoise style, this single variety, bone-dry, sparkling cider is lithe and has a savory edge to it's lively mix of lime grapefruit and apple skin, ending with cleansing floral and spice details.

Wine equivalent: This focused sparkler balances its primary fruit with great acid and minerality, recalling Finger Lakes Riesling or Trentino-Alto Adige Pinot Blanc."

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Why Artisanal Cider-Makers Hate the Fizzy Stuff Sold in Six-Packs

8/29/16 By Adrienne So, Slate Magazine

It’s almost a crime to put Stoscheck’s hard cider in the same category as the sweet, fizzy drinks that are currently available in convenience stores by the six-pack. Her still, dry Albee Hill cider recently scored a 93 in Wine Enthusiast; her ciders have been featured in Vogue. Her Northern Spy sparkling dry cider, which sells for around $17 a bottle, is a revelation: The aroma is full and sweet, smelling irresistibly of fruit, but its texture is clean and crisp.

It reminded me more of a Riesling than of any cider I’d had before.

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Connections: Summer of Food - Autumn Stoscheck of Eve's Cidery

8/27/16 By Evan Dawson, WXXI

“I felt like I just got let in on a secret.”

Listen Online at WXXI

Eve Was Tempted to Drink the Apple: The Ciders of Eve’s Cidery

8/2/16 by Fredric Koeppel,

“From a wide variety of heirloom apples, the names of which sound like a roll-call of militia from the Revolutionary War, (Autumn and Ezra) fashion a series of sparkling and still ciders that range from tasty and engaging to downright profound.”

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Cider: It's just Apple Wine (and you'll get a pear, if you're good)

5/1/16 by Mark Squires, Wine Advocate

“Smell (Eve’s 2015 Kingston Black) from a foot away—and you probably can—and put a blindfold on, and you might at first think you are literally getting apple juice from a supermarket shelf. That's not all there is, of course, because the supermarket juice has sugar and sweetness and nothing else.

This is rather dry and far more complex, so don't misunderstand the point of my analogy. Underlying the juicy opening is fairly big acidity that cuts the apple juice nuance and begins to make this a lot more interesting. The palate even tightens up a bit in response to the acidity....

It held beautifully for as long as there was any left. It kept becoming a more complete cider… This went from being my least favorite of the group on the first day to my favorite, as a result of it pulling in the fruitiness and emphasizing the freshness and structure."

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Taste Maker: Autumn Stoscheck, Eve's Cidery

2/2/16 By Lenn Thompson, The Cork Report

“Eventually she convinced me that I should taste them and at least consider adding cider coverage to the site. I’m thankful for that because her ciders were a revelation. Varied and intricate and complex — with flavors that diverge greatly from simply “apples” into leather and gravel and honey and berries and citrus and peaches. And the tannic structure in some of them set them apart from so many New York ciders, which now taste like little more than bubbly apple juice."

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Why Hard Cider Is Making a Comeback

11/10/15 by Carson Demmond, Vogue

“Now the old guard of artisan and backyard cideries that have always crafted serious juice in (more often than not) bone-dry styles has started to garner the attention it deserves, and up-and-comers are seeking out forgotten and wild apple varieties to add to the diversity of cider expressions available on the market. Never have there been more elegant and classic renditions imported from France, nor more numerous funky and brooding examples from Spain. With this renewed interest, young, impassioned producers are pushing the boundaries of what cider can be both here and in Europe.”

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The Benchmark 2014 Ciders from Eve’s Cidery

9/30/15 By Tom Wark, The Cider Journal

The most astounding thing about the Eve’s ciders are their balance and near perfect structure. I’m almost certain this is a result of Ezra and Autumn’s blending expertise.

Additionally, there appears to me a real sense of terroir in these ciders that is most in evidence in the Dry & Still Albee Hill bottling. Though the 2014 bottlings is not nearly as austere as previous bottlings a distinct petrol quality emerges in all three, including the 2014.

Finally, and I’ve noted this in previous reviews and articles on Eve’s Cidery, the prices of these ciders represent remarkable values, falling in and around $15.00 for 750ml. bottles. Buyers need to feel comfortable committing theft as the price/quality ration for these ciders amounts to stealing on the part of the buyer. These are benchmark American ciders.”

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Apple Wine, Apfelwein, Sidra, or Cider: No Matter What You Call It, You Should Be Drinking It

9/25/15 by Sarah Tracey, Martha Stewart Magazine

“Eve's Cidery is one of the top producers in New York's Finger Lakes region, and it makes its cider in the Methode Champenoise, a.k.a. the production method used for Champagne!

It's a very specialized, multistep, and labor-intensive process, but you can absolutely taste the care and craft that goes into each bottle. The flavor of this off-dry (a.k.a.lightly sweet) cider is brimming with warm golden apple notes with a complex and creamy mouth feel. I also love the bottle itself: The artwork is charming and it's sealed with a Champagne cork and wire cage, making this a lovely addition to any dinner party or romantic picnic.

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“Eve's Cidery 2014 Albee Hill Still & Dry Cider, 93POINTS Editors’ Choice

9/17/15 Alexander Peartree, Wine Enthusiast Buyers Guide

The nose of this cider is vibrant, fresh and clean—underripe peach and apricot notes ride over pulverized white stone, apple blossom and dried hay. The round and generous palate brings ample peach, racy pineapple and textured apple skin notes to the mix, with balanced acidity and finely-grained tannins offering support. A black-tea-tannin texture lingers on the yellow-plum skin finish. Utterly enjoyable by itself, try pairing this with a range of food—from nutty cheese to grilled pork and gamy fowl.

Eve's Cidery 2014 Autumn's Gold

92POINTS Editors’ Choice

Richly golden in the glass, this naturally sparkling, bottle-conditioned cider is inviting on the nose—a mix of cinnamon and clove meet ripe Anjou pear and quince aromas. Fine, small bubbles mark the entrance of the dry palate, with apple skin and orchard blossom flavors showing nice concentration. Finely-grained tannins and balanced acidity offer support and lead the way to a lingering yellow pear-skin finish. This is a solid, well-balanced showing from this Finger Lakes producer which predominantly uses high-tannin and high-sugar Bittersweet apples for this bottling.”

Read the review in the Wine Enthusiast Buyer's Guide

Read the reviews in

Authenticity In Ciderland

8/15/15 By Tom Wark, The Cider Journal

“But I want to note here that these ciders will be entirely unfamiliar to those who drink the grocery-store brands that are tarted up with concentrates, odd sugars and produced to be quick gargles. These are ciders that let the apple speak, that provide a platform for the orchards to rail against mediocrity, and that must be taken seriously…”

“In particular, the 2014 Albee Hill and the Beckhorn Hollow ciders offer a panoramic view into the great promise that is American artisanal cider. They sing a note of true authenticity and are stuffed with layers of flavor and aroma. And like any great beverage from anywhere in the world, they deliver a harmony of elements where the tannins and acids appear to undergo an osmosis, mingling inside and beside and around one another.”

As I prepared to leave Ciderland and drive off into the bucolic countryside that is upstate New York, Ezra’s former music teacher showed up in front of the old milking shed-turned-cider-barn. He wanted cider. We all want cider. We want to show people real, authentic cider. We want what we put in our bodies to occasionally be something that is real and not contrived. We want to know to that the plasticity of everyday life can be happily interrupted by supporting the sweat and toil of true believers. We want to be true believers from time to time.”

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

5/18/15 By Mark Squires, Wine Advocate

“(Eve’s 2014 Albee Hill) excelled. The apple tones blend elegantly into the whole in the same way grapes do in wine. There is an exotic burst of flavor that tells you something is different here, plus the apples on the nose, of course. Other than that, it is pretty much like drinking a white wine. Food and wine pairing enthusiasts will be interested in new possibilities. This is an excellent food matchup choice. Laced with acidity that makes it quite lively, this is perfectly balanced. The smooth texture is pleasing. There is also some grip and tension on the finish. I had to keep reminding myself that this was cider. The acidity coupled with the still, dry demeanor made it very wine-like and absolutely nothing like stereotypical cider”

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Autumn and Eve: How the State's Cider Industry Has Changed Over the Last Decade

By Laura Shunk, The Village Voice

“When Autumn Stoscheck received her cidery license in 2002, she was just 21 years old -- and the State Liquor Authority told her she was the youngest person in New York State to hold a license. So, unlike many of the producers now jumping into the game, this is the only career she's ever known.

Making cider, Stoscheck explains, was a commercial outlet for her love for orcharding, which she discovered while working on a farm when she took a break from college. "I thought, if I can have a career pruning apple trees, that's what I want to do," she says. "So how do I do that?"

Read the article at

Is This The Best Cidery In America

9/24/14 by Tom Wark, The Cider Journal

“These ciders represent among the very best being made in the United States and are perhaps the best collection of ciders from any one producer… They display a deft hand in the cidery and an intense focus on quality fruit that is the hallmark of any serious craft cider producers. These particular ciders, most impressively, display a purity of fruit and complexity of components.”


Sips From a Cider Spree in New York State

by Freda Moon, The New York Times

“In fact, though I didn’t know it at the time, there seems to be something of an inverse correlation between an orchard’s status as a tourist attraction and the quality of its drink.

With a couple of exceptions… the most exciting ciders we tasted came from producers that weren’t open to the public… Autumn Stoscheck of Eve’s Cidery poured some ice cider inspired by a visit to Quebec. It was sweet and strong and unlike anything I’d tasted — a concentrated bite of the 30 or so apples that Ms. Stoscheck said went into its 375-milliliter bottle. Her Autumn’s Gold, meanwhile, was a dry, sparkling cider that used French and English bittersweet apples and a Champagne method.”

Read the article at


Dry Cider, an American Favorite, Rebounds

by Eric Asimov, The New York Times

“Five years ago, it was hard to find dry ciders beyond a few producers like West County and Farnum Hill. Most American ciders were sweetened to appeal to a clientele reared on cloying beverages. Fortunately, the audience is growing for dry ciders, which like beer largely range in alcohol content from about 5 percent to 8 percent. Nowadays, far more small producers are making serious dry ciders.”

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