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Many times after a long days work, I find myself in the kitchen, cooking dinner and enjoying a glass of cider while I put dinner together.

The first really good cider I ever tasted was the local legend Peter Hoover’s Golden Russet champagne. It was served in his and Peggy’s beautiful old farmhouse with the kind of meal you have in the fall, in the hills of New York: collard greens and some squash, maybe a hearty stew.

In that convivial company, we toasted with cider and feasted on the bounty of the land and I made an early memory I will never forget. And it’s this kind of food I think of serving cider with most often- the vegetables I just picked from the garden, the foraged mushrooms and berries, the cheese we traded for with our neighbor.

And when I leave home to travel, it’s the cider and the food I miss the most.

Autumn’s Nut Cake

By evescidery | Dec 10, 2021

Autumn’s Nut Cake This simple cake can be made with walnuts or pecans, or if you are lucky, shagbark hickory nuts!   Ingredients: 8 ounces ground nuts 8 ounces maple sugar  6 eggs whipped cream for topping is optional   Directions: preheat oven to 350F Seperate the eggs Beat the yolks with the maple sugar…

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Japanese Curry Hand Pies Paired with Autumn’s Gold Cider

By evescidery | Sep 30, 2020

Japanese Beef Curry Hand Pies Everytime I drop my daughter off at practice, I grab a snack at the Mama Said Hand Pies shop next door to the circus school. Husband and wife team Gabe and Hiroko have mastered the art of small-bite-satisfaction and when I had their Japanese curry hand pie a few weeks…

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18/19 Essence pairing issue

By evescidery | Aug 1, 2020

Hi there, hows it going? Today I’m going to be talking about pairing ideas for the (drumroll please) newly released Essence ice cider! This honey colored desert cider is a decadent, luscious, mouthful. It goes well with vanilla ice cream, pecan sandies and toasted spiced nuts, among other things… If you’ve ever had a garden…

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Appalachian Spring

By evescidery | Apr 28, 2019

Celebrating Vernal Abundance and Ephemeral Beauty with Feral Foods and the Very Last of the 2017 Wild Foraged Perry. The Ingredients Trout out of the creek, wild leeks, the first Shiitake flush and the 2017 wild foraged Perry Pear (GET IT SHIPPED). The joy of spring is worth the enduring of winter. The two week…

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April Pairing Issue

By evescidery | Apr 20, 2019

What Do You Do When the Chickens Stop Laying in the Coop and Then You Find Clutches of Eggs Hidden Around the Farm Yard? The Ingredients Eggs! It’s spring! The chickens are laying! If your children succeed in finding a hidden clutch of eggs, you’ll want to use them quickly… The Setting It’s spring at…

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A Cidermaker’s Romantic Fantasy.

By evescidery | Feb 6, 2019

Decadent Chocolates, A Bottle of 5 Year Pommeau And An Impromptu Valentines Day Liaison. The Ingredients 2 Ingredients: chocolate and cream. That’s it. Seriously. Or chocolate and almond butter. Or chocolate and coconut milk. Pair your home-made truffles with Eve’s 5 Year Pommeau and woo your love (GET IT SHIPPED). The Setting The children are begging…”Mom,…

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GAPS Diet Friendly Chocolate Truffles

By evescidery | Feb 6, 2019

Valentines Day chocolates don’t have to be expensive sugary indulgences that make you feel sorry after you eat them and your teeth are aching. These truffles will have you totally fooled: decadent, rich and arguably good for you. Ingredients: 8oz unsweetened high quality chocolate 1/2 cup liquid. Some options include- coconut milk, coffee or almond…

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Cider and Pork: The Perfect Pairing

By evescidery | Nov 27, 2018

This year we are offering a fun little Holiday pack from our online store: The Finger Lakes Pig Pack. This gift pack features 2 bottles of our complex, alluring bittersweet cider, the 2017 Darling Creek, paired with The Piggery’s savory Bacon Jam and log of no-nitrate pepperoni. Brad and Heather exemplify the way farmers in…

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American Food for Thanksgiving: Masala Roasted Squash, Iroquois White Corn Bread, Italian Bitter Greens, Mexican Chocolate Chestnut Cake…and Cider Of Course!

By evescidery | Nov 10, 2018

This year, Thanksgiving tastes better with cider, curry and chocolate.   The Ingredients Kabocha squash, radicchio, and  Rocombole garlic all make an appearance along with roasted Iroquois White Corn, Chestnut flour and Mexican chocolate, paired to perfection with our complex, delicious ciders for a Thanksgiving feast. Local ingredients with global flavors. The Setting On this…

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Italian Bitter Greens with Garlic and Anchovies

By evescidery | Nov 10, 2018

Bitter is so under appreciated. Absent from so many American palates, a meal with out bitter feels flabby. Once acclimated, one’s mouth yearns for the refreshing sensations. Making vegetables delicious is one way to be certain you’ll eat more of them. So be generous with the olive oil in this dish. -Bitter greens and purples…

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