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Many times after a long days work, I find myself in the kitchen, cooking dinner and enjoying a glass of cider while I put dinner together.

The first really good cider I ever tasted was the local legend Peter Hoover’s Golden Russet champagne. It was served in his and Peggy’s beautiful old farmhouse with the kind of meal you have in the fall, in the hills of New York: collard greens and some squash, maybe a hearty stew.

In that convivial company, we toasted with cider and feasted on the bounty of the land and I made an early memory I will never forget. And it’s this kind of food I think of serving cider with most often- the vegetables I just picked from the garden, the foraged mushrooms and berries, the cheese we traded for with our neighbor.

And when I leave home to travel, it’s the cider and the food I miss the most.

Native Wild Rice Stuffing

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 11, 2016

Once, somewhere, on the internet, I read a Thanksgiving recipe that declared that stuffing is really just celery and sage. Apologies to the author that I now can not reference, but I love the sentiment. Now, I’m all for using up stale bread, but if you don’t have stale bread laying around when you are…

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Thanksgiving Pairing Guide

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 10, 2016

When you bring cider to Thanksgiving it’s nice to be able to introduce it with the right foods and the right time. All of our ciders fit perfectly with a holiday meal, from welcoming aperitif to an elegant dessert cider. This article explains what qualities to look for in a traditional orchard based cider you can bring…

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Crepes and Cider

By Autumn Stoscheck | Aug 27, 2016

Some time ago, I learned about how to have a crepe party on the street in New York City. I was selling cider at the Union Square Greenmarket. A French lady was buying half a case of cider for her dinner party. “What are you having for dinner?” “Crepes” “What kind of crepes?” I asked,…

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Cider and Ham

By Autumn Stoscheck | Aug 27, 2016

My dad grew up hardscrabble in Astoria, Queens. His parents were immigrants from Germany, but mostly he’s not into German food. His childhood memories revolve around the Italians…the neighbors houses he wished he belonged to with their aromas wafting out of open windows. My dad stopped by after work the other day when we happened…

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