Cider and Ham

My dad grew up hardscrabble in Astoria, Queens.

His parents were immigrants from Germany, but mostly he’s not into German food. His childhood memories revolve around the Italians…the neighbors houses he wished he belonged to with their aromas wafting out of open windows.

My dad stopped by after work the other day when we happened to be doing a charcuterie photo shoot for the website. My dad is a builder, and when you work hard like that you want a drink when you get home. My own childhood memories of this time of day involve a can of Old Milwaukee and peanuts, but we called it “Miller Time”.

But cider really hits the spot this time of day and my Dad showed his German roots when he explained that the cured ham was meant to be rolled around the cheese. Add some crusty bread and it’s almost like a sandwich. “Not bad” my dad said. “It really goes down smooth”