Thanksgiving Pairing Guide


When you bring cider to Thanksgiving it's nice to be able to introduce it with the right foods and the right time.

All of our ciders fit perfectly with a holiday meal, from welcoming aperitif to an elegant dessert cider. This article explains what qualities to look for in a traditional orchard based cider you can bring to your holiday meal.

In his annual Thanksgiving wine pairing guide, the esteemed New York Times Wine critic, Eric Asimov writes that in his experience ideal Thanksgiving wines are...

"...light-bodied, nimble, versatile wines that can be consumed with many varied foods over a span of hours. That means wines that are not high in alcohol, not oaky and not particularly tannic. They ought to be refreshing and energetic; you want wines with lively acidity."

As far as we are concerned, he just about summed up our cider.

Welcome Drink, Aperitif

Autumn's Gold

Thanksgiving is a perfect occasion to share the pleasure of dry, orchard based ciders with your friends and family.

The Autumn's Gold is made from a blend of European cider apples, like Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Ellis Bitter. Cider made from these apples has orchard reminiscent aromas... not fresh apple juice, but a walk through the orchard after harvest in November... damp leaves, frosty air, dried apples... and complex tannins that make it totally different from and yet just as intriguing as a great grape wine.

Hand uncle Joe a glass the moment he walks in the door and get the conversation going.

Note: the 2014 Autumn's Gold is fruity on the nose but bone dry, where as the 2015 Autumn's Gold has more smoke and leather on the nose while the mid palate is fruity and off dry.

Order Autumn's Gold 2014 or 2015 in time for Thanksgiving!

Main Courses

Still and Dry

Depending on your mood, bubbly cider may be too gassy to drink for hours. We think the Albee Hill embodies the wonderful role cider can play at the table.

Note: please, please serve this cider at cellar temperature (55 degrees) to fully enjoy it's ample aromatics and soft velvety tannin. Dry, yet aromatic and  just about 7% alcohol, this cider is quite quaffable and yet it is incredibly complex. Golden Russet, an American cider apple rumored to originate in the Finger Lakes, features prominently in the blend and give us aromas of beeewax, ripe melon, white peach and petrol.

Let the bright acidity wash your palate and the layered tannins stimulate and excite.

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Ice Cider

Thanksgiving desserts, like the meal, tend to be varied, but often employ baking spices or nuts. Apple pie, pumpkin pie and pecan pie are all complimented nicely by the warm spice and caramel characteristics of ice cider.

The Essence has plenty of acidity to carry it's 15% residual sugar, making it an elegant food friendly dessert cider. This ice cider has 30 apples in every bottle (minus the water) so if you are feeling full, have a smaller slice of pie and a bigger glass of cider!

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*Remember: these are just pairing suggestions. Pick your favorite cider and bring it to the Thanksgiving table with confidence. All of our ciders are perfect for Thanksgiving!