Native Wild Rice Stuffing

Once, somewhere, on the internet, I read a Thanksgiving recipe that declared that stuffing is really just celery and sage. Apologies to the author that I now can not reference, but I love the sentiment.

Now, I'm all for using up stale bread, but if you don't have stale bread laying around when you are cooking for the holiday, consider some healthier and more culturally appropriate options for the starch portion of this holiday meal.

Below is my version of wild rice stuffing, and a link to buy wild rice that supports Native rights and protects water.

How bizarre, that we celebrate the betrayal, and genocide of native Americans with a holiday based on obligatory gluttony.

But there's always an opportunity to reexamine our cultural amnesia on our bloody past in our own personal lives. This holiday, think about reading your children the Wapanoag version of the Thanksgiving story. Consider standing with Standing Rock by donating to the Oceti Sakowin Camp in this defining historic to the fossil fuel industry.

This is not a recipe because I don't cook with recipes. If you need a recipe to follow, I bet you can google one.


Sage and Celery Wild Rice Stuffing

Cook wild rice as per directions, but use soup stock instead of water.

Caramelize onions garlic and fresh sage in butter, ghee or oil. Add celery, oyster mushrooms and a goodly splash of cider. Reduce. Toss with wild rice and toasted pumpkin seeds.

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