Italian Bitter Greens with Garlic and Anchovies


Bitter is so under appreciated. Absent from so many American palates, a meal with out bitter feels flabby. Once acclimated, one's mouth yearns for the refreshing sensations.

Making vegetables delicious is one way to be certain you'll eat more of them. So be generous with the olive oil in this dish.

-Bitter greens and purples like radicchio, escarole and dandelion, alone or mixed.

-Garlic. Particularly a good locally grown hard-neck variety like Rocambole.

-Good quality olive oil.

-Good quality vinegar or lemon. We use our own homemade apple cider vinegar.

-Anchovies (if you like them)

Put chopped garlic and olive oil in a wok on high heat. The moment the oil is warm and you begin to smell garlic, throw in the washed, chopped greens. Toss continuously so they are coated with the oil and garlic. Once they be come bright green (or just wilted in the case of radicchio), dump them into a bowl, toss with vinegar, chopped anchovies and salt if you want it. Pair with a bright, aromatic cider like our Perry Pear