Local Food Hub at Press Bay Alley

By evescidery | Apr 7, 2020

Order local food online from your hard-working farmer friends and safely pick up curbside in downtown Ithaca at Pressbay Alley  110-1 W. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850 Get your local cider, meat, tinctures, sprouts, veggies, cheese, soap and more in one easy, socially distant curbside pick up. How it works: Order and pay directly with…

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Homemade Soil Superstuff: Biochar

By evescidery | Mar 24, 2020

Biochar. What is it? It sounds like some galactic energy that powers spaceships, but actually it’s carbon rich charcoal, powering plants. Pre-Columbian Amazonians made biochar, or terra preta de Indio as the European settlers called it, by burning agricultural wastes and covering it with soil. Biochar is a amazing substance, it has a microscopic honeycomb…

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COVID19 Precautions Update

By evescidery | Mar 23, 2020

Here on the farm we are taking Coronavirus precautions very seriously. Our family is joining New Yorkers across the state in practicing social distancing. Here are the specific steps we are taking to do our part to help end this pandemic. Everyone working on the farm is wearing a mask (Don’t worry, they are home…

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Spring Orchard Phenology

By evescidery | Mar 23, 2020

Spring Phenology: an Interview with the Orchard Expert Spring is approaching, and due to climate change, the weather is becoming warmer earlier. I’m Leila (you know, Autumn and Ezra’s daughter) and I’m going to write posts occasionally for the farm blog. In this wonderful column I will interview my lovely mother, various people, and if…

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The Grafting Edition

By evescidery | Jan 4, 2020

Each year we get many requests for cider apple scion wood so we decided to make it easy for folks to order and opened a Scion Shop. Dormant scion wood ships February 17th, 2020. Each stick will have an average of 16 buds. If the sticks are short, we will ship extra. Most varieties of…

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Releasing the 2018 Ciders

By evescidery | Nov 4, 2019

One year later…. The dance of coaxing a family of ciders from apple harvest to release is a complicated choreography on a orchard-based cidery such as ours. The challenges and rewards of making cider year by year, from fruit grown on our own farm, were really apparent in bringing the fruits of last growing seasons…

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Harvest Report 2019

By evescidery | Oct 24, 2019

Harvest Report – Wet Spring, Glorious Fall for Apples, Pears, People & Cider While last year’s growing season was a dry spring followed by a sopping wet fall, the 2019 season was a reverse.  It rained and snowed all winter and spring and stayed wet until early summer.  Then, suddenly, like magic, the clouds lifted,…

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Cider Week 2019

By evescidery | Sep 2, 2019

And just like that, the apples are ripening, our first press day is scheduled and it’s time to start planning for FLX Cider Week! Join us for 10 days of cider centric celebrations in one of the most exciting cider regions in the country. You can find a calendar of events on the Cider Week…

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From Orchestra to Apples: Meet Apprentice Cathryn

By evescidery | Jun 22, 2019

6/22/19 Hello readers of the Eve’s Cidery Farm Blog! I’m Cathryn Gaylord, the new intern. Originally from Vermont, I come to this internship in search not only of the knowledge and experience to fuel my aspirations of growing and making cider, but also in search of the type of healing that I think this place…

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June Farm Update

By evescidery | Jun 18, 2019

June is an insanely busy month here on the farm. The sun rises at 5:30 am and sets at 9:00 pm and the pressure is on to use those daylight hours to the max. This IS the growing season, and what a growing season it’s been. The rainy weather that started 10 months ago last…

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