September 2018 Harvest Report

By evescidery | Sep 18, 2018

This year we had an optimal spring for bloom–winter seemed to go on forever, holding the trees back until any danger of a frost had passed. Grey and cold forever. People got depressed; I didn’t. The bloom survived. Check, that hurdle passed. With the bloom and then fruitlets showing, the game was on. Autumn was…

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The French Reception. Welcome Your Guests with Bubbly and Crisps. 

By evescidery | Sep 17, 2018

The French Reception. Welcome Your Guests with Bubbly and Crisps. The Ingredients Be very French and welcome your guests with a glass of bubbly and a bowl of potato chips (known outside the USA as ‘crisps’). Great Champagne is nice or a bottle of méthode originale Chennin from the Loire Valley, But may we suggest a naturally sparkling cider?…

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August 2018 Orchard Update: Organic Certification and Custom Mower!

By evescidery | Aug 3, 2018

Anybody who’s read our posts about our orchard knows we’re deeply invested in a more holistic and organic approach to growing cider apples. But earlier this month, we got word that our official certification as an organic orchard by NOFA-NY had gone through. Although we’ve been growing our apples using organic principles for years, we’re…

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New York Perry and Oysters

By evescidery | Jul 28, 2018

Speaking of Summer… Tart and Chalky Wild Perry and Salty Peconic Bay Oysters. A Magical Bayside Pairing and the Revival of New York’s Amazing Food Culture. The Ingredients Oysters and Perry. Unadorned, raw, mouthwatering. -Limited production Skelepear Perry GET PERRY SHIPPED! -Widow’s Hole Oysters e-mail Mike to GET OYSTERS SHIPPED USP next day on ice) Support food production…

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Proper Lunch, Instant Picnic:  Pairing Our ‘Albee Hill’ Organic Estate Cider with Fresh Strawberries and Farm Treasures

By Autumn Stoscheck | Jun 18, 2018

  June 2018 What ever happened to lunch?  A proper lunch.  A moment to sit and sip and breathe and restore.  Between morning madness and afternoon angst.  This month, on the brink of summer, lunch returns through the power of cider.  ‘Albee Hill’ still dry cider, the brand new 2017 vintage from Eve’s Cidery, gets…

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Books, Bottles, and Work: Matt Moser Miller

By evescidery | May 28, 2018

I’m Matt Moser Miller, the new intern here at Eve’s Cidery. In addition to working in the orchards and cidery over the coming months, I’ll also be taking over some of the farm blog and social media while Autumn is taking her sabbatical year at Forge Cellars (and if you’d like to hear more about…

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Autumn’s Sabbatical

By evescidery | May 24, 2018

This is a story about how I ended up going on sabbatical after 17 years of working at Eve’s Cidery. For 2018, I’ll be working over on Seneca Lake managing a 7 acre Pinot Noir vineyard for Forge Cellars. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about a parallel world. In the world of wine, the…

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A Reason to Prune Apple Trees

By Autumn Stoscheck | Apr 16, 2018

I learned how to Prune apple trees when I was 19. At that time, I felt as if I had discovered the meaning in life and set out to figure a way to earn a living pruning – and that was essentially the cidery, a good idea for a reason to grow apples so I…

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Disrupting Cider From The Ground Up

By evescidery | Feb 7, 2018

Disrupting Cider from the Ground Up It’s been a great week for media attention, from  the e-mails from reporters following up on the United States association of Cider Maker’s recently released “Cider Styles Guidelines” which now includes a category called “Heritage Cider” to two nice, meaty pieces in heavy hitting publications, it’s good to see…

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Internship 2018

By evescidery | Dec 30, 2017

Are you interested in learning how to make cider, grow apples, or run a small farm based business? Consider our 2018 farm internship at Eve’s Cidery. Come be part of our family farm and learn about growing apples specifically for cider with over 50 different traditional European and American cider varieties on a certified organic…

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