COVID19 Precautions Update

Here on the farm we are taking Coronavirus precautions very seriously.

Our family is joining New Yorkers across the state in practicing social distancing. Here are the specific steps we are taking to do our part to help end this pandemic.

  • Everyone working on the farm is wearing a mask (Don't worry, they are home made! We are not mask hoarders)
  • Packing boxes for shipping: Before each packing session the work area is cleaned and sanitized. The packer washes and sanitizes their hands before packing. The packer wears a mask at all times. All the of the bottles are wiped with sanitizer before packing. We have set up an outdoor shelter for all shipping and receiving so our awesome UPS driver doesn't have to come in and out of our building.
  • Cider Production: Our processes for cider production requires extensive cleaning and sanitization to protect our products from unwanted microorganizims. These processes have not changed. In addition to our normal cleaning and sanitizing procedures, every one working in the cidery will be wearing masks and washing and sanitizing their hands frequently (after every change in task or every hour depending which is sooner). We are also redesigning some of our processes so we can maintain a 6' distance.
  • On the farm we are keeping a 6' spacing, wearing mask and gloves and washing our hand upon returning from the orchard.
  • Our private tastings are closed but you can email or call in an order and we'll pack it for pick up.
  • We will not be attending Ithaca Farmers' Market while New York is on PAUSE.

This is a very challenging time. The hospitality industry has been at the fore, shuttering their businesses to help keep everyone safe. Our hearts go out to all our friends in the restaurant and bar business. Please support them in any way you can.

We are actively looking for every way we can to help the people on the front lines, those working in hospital emergency rooms. Some hospitals are requesting help sewing masks for health care workers who are running out. There are many patterns online, check with your local hospital or nursing home on their requirements.

The good news is that here in the Finger Lakes we have spent the better part of 2 decades rebuilding a strong, vibrant local food shed. Farmers are quickly organizing food hubs, curbside pick up and online sales.

We deeply appreciate your support. Your purchase of cider from our online store goes a long way to support our work of regenerative farming and brings a joyous bit of bottled Finger Lakes sunshine to your home.

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