The Grafting Edition

Scion wood

Each year we get many requests for cider apple scion wood so we decided to make it easy for folks to order and opened a Scion Shop.

Dormant scion wood ships February 17th, 2020. Each stick will have an average of 16 buds. If the sticks are short, we will ship extra. Most varieties of scion wood in this shop comes from bearing trees in our certified organic orchard. This means that we have harvested fruit and made cider from them and are not giving you cuttings from mislabeled trees.

If you are interested in ordering more than 100 sticks, please e-mail autumn@evescidery for quantity discounted pricing.

Want to learn more about grafting? Or our ideas about growing apples specifically for cider? There are lots of pages in the orchard section of our website about cider apple horticulture. Check them out.