Cider Elves to the Rescue

By Autumn Stoscheck | Dec 8, 2016

Just when we thought we couldn’t get the cider packed up before the UPS man arrived… The holiday cider orders are streaming in. Delicious cider is making it’s way into enlightened households across the country. Packages are being heaped into the big brown truck. Thank goodness for the hardworking cider elves! Make your holidays merry…

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Thank You for Ordering Directly From the Farm

By Autumn Stoscheck | Dec 6, 2016

Thank you for drinking our cider. We hope you enjoy it, because it is expressive and delicious. But we also want you to know that when you order from our online store, you are buying directly from the farm. You are directly supporting our work to: 1. Grow apples in a holistic manner. This means following…

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Free Shipping for the Holidays

By Autumn Stoscheck | Dec 3, 2016

Each year we run a campaign in December which offers free shipping for the holidays. It’s pretty awesome because it’s basically like having a cider store in your living room. This free shipping coupon goes out to members of our e-mail list. We don’t send out tons of e-mails…just stuff we think you will be…

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On Being Thankful

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving. Coming together around a table of food and drink for convivial companionship is such a central part of life. Doing this in a spirit of gratitude is something that makes Thanksgiving a special holiday. This year, we’ve been thinking a lot about the irony of millions of Americans getting ready to celebrate a holiday…

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Make Flakey Pie Crust with Calvados

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 11, 2016

This is not a recipe, just an idea. Choose your favorite pie crust (if you don’t have one, this is good) and substitute Calvados for at least half of the water. If you don’t have a good French Calvados in your house, you should! But you could use an apple based vodka instead. This makes…

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Native Wild Rice Stuffing

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 11, 2016

Once, somewhere, on the internet, I read a Thanksgiving recipe that declared that stuffing is really just celery and sage. Apologies to the author that I now can not reference, but I love the sentiment. Now, I’m all for using up stale bread, but if you don’t have stale bread laying around when you are…

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Thanksgiving Pairing Guide

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 10, 2016

When you bring cider to Thanksgiving it’s nice to be able to introduce it with the right foods and the right time. All of our ciders fit perfectly with a holiday meal, from welcoming aperitif to an elegant dessert cider. This article explains what qualities to look for in a traditional orchard based cider you can bring…

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It’s not Aggravated Prairie Dog!

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 8, 2016

Cider suffers from an image problem. Say the word cider, and people often conjure up something extra sweet and extra fizzy. A sort of adult excuse for a soda. If you put an apple tree and the words “crisp, “fresh picked” or “straight from the orchard” on the label and advertise the heck out of…

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Cider Week NYC 2016

By Autumn Stoscheck | Oct 18, 2016

A chill is in the air. Leaves are in full colors. Menus turn to hearty vegetables and all things roasted. And cider is everywhere. New York City is one of the great food and beverage destinations in the world, and it’s a thrill when cider takes front and center in this culinary capital for a week,…

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Cider Varieties with Autumn Stoscheck and Steve Cummins

By Autumn Stoscheck | Sep 22, 2016

Structure, acidity and aroma: Learn what apple varieties make the best cider. Twilight Walk, Talk and Picnic Dinner: Wednesday October 5th, 2016 4:00pm – 6:00pm Indian Creek Farm 1408 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850 Ithaca, NY 14850 With Steve Cummins and Autumn Stoscheck of Eve’s Cidery. With the American cider revival well under way and hundreds…

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