A Reason to Prune Apple Trees

By Autumn Stoscheck | Apr 16, 2018

I learned how to Prune apple trees when I was 19. At that time, I felt as if I had discovered the meaning in life and set out to figure a way to earn a living pruning – and that was essentially the cidery, a good idea for a reason to grow apples so I…

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Disrupting Cider From The Ground Up

By evescidery | Feb 7, 2018

Disrupting Cider from the Ground Up It’s been a great week for media attention, from  the e-mails from reporters following up on the United States association of Cider Maker’s recently released “Cider Styles Guidelines” which now includes a category called “Heritage Cider” to two nice, meaty pieces in heavy hitting publications, it’s good to see…

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Internship 2018

By evescidery | Dec 30, 2017

Are you interested in learning how to make cider, grow apples, or run a small farm based business? Consider our 2018 farm internship at Eve’s Cidery. Come be part of our family farm and learn about growing apples specifically for cider with over 50 different traditional European and American cider varieties on a certified organic…

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Announcing our 2017 Holiday FREE Shipping Campaign

By evescidery | Dec 3, 2017

Announcing our Holiday FREE Shipping Campaign! Each year, in a heroic effort to get more cider onto more tables and into more mouths, we ship cider to you and your friends and family across the country for free. Use your coupon as many times as you like from 12/4/17  through 12/26/17. If you don’t have…

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New Holiday Packs for 2017 (Limited to 20 each)

By Ryan Clover | Dec 3, 2017

This year we have out together a limited quantity of some pretty cool curated holiday packs that we think give an opportunity to experience what makes our cider unique and special. Check them out in our Online Store  Note : Holiday packs still carry our standard 20% case discount, and also included ciders which are…

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Announcing 2016 Vintage Releases

By Autumn Stoscheck | Nov 25, 2017

We are so excited to release the following 2016 vintage ciders! Albee Hill 2016 Northern Spy 2016 Darling Creek 2016 Essence 2016 These ciders will be shipping from our online store beginning 12/5/17, and be in the trade by winter 2018. Labeling Ice Cider 2016 Vintage: A Different Beast. Frozen Blossoms 2016 was one of…

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By evescidery | Nov 7, 2017

Is This Tank Clean? Unlike some other aspects of our operation, it is hard to give a behind the scenes look at the process by which apple juice is transformed into cider. Fermenting is one of the the most intricate, challenging and rewarding things we don’t do. In fact, aside from a bobbling airlock, it’s…

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Harvest Report 2017

By evescidery | Oct 25, 2017

A cool and very wet growing season. I said the word ‘unseasonable’ so many time during the 2017 growing season, that the word lost it’s meaning. As I write this at the end of October, clouds in balmy grey skies move comfortably on 78 degree breeze, and I wonder: was there ever any such thing…

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A Lively Cider Chat

By evescidery | Aug 24, 2017

Do You Listen to podcasts? Want to hear Autumn and Ezra rant and rave about orcharding with Alex Kroh while walking briskly up Albee Hill? You wont want to miss Cider Chat Episode 90 Or the follow up Episode 91 where we sit on crate in the cider barn and talk about common flaws in…

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Cider Brings Us Together

By evescidery | Aug 24, 2017

I have been thinking as I read about Trump’s decisions — who to fire, who to goad — within hours of the event, how ironically isolating instant communications through the internet are.  It’s comforting to be affirmed; all I have to do is open the New York Times online to find my own opinions voiced.…

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