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Each Trio contains 2023 Sparkling Perry, Coferment #3 and The Little Porcupine.

The 3 ciders highlight traditional and pét-nat sparkling methods and the fruits of the Finger Lakes.

Apples always, but also pears and Finger Lakes grapes from Damiani Winery.


Photo by Melissa Madden

Her [Autumn's] pét-nats are “juicy and gulpable,” and she prioritizes using cider apples “that are fresh and fruity with soft tannins, and get a lot of charm and character from their aromatics.”

Quote from Beth Demmon's Why You Should Be Drinking Pét-Nat Ciders, Wine Enthusiast, 10/26/2023.

Photo by Melissa Madden

“Textural, aromatic, perfectly-poised acidity, stone fruit-iness. I love everything that they do. Every single one of their ciders is sublime. There’s no other way of saying it.”

Quote from Gabe Cook in Adam Wells' Pellicle Mag article 9/21/2022.

Photo by Melissa Jones

About Eve's Cidery

Eve's Cidery is a small family farm producing naturally fermented ciders from our own organically-grown fruit and from wild-foraged apples and pears in the hills of Van Etten, located at the intersection of the Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau, traditional lands of the Cayuga Nation and Haudenosaunee Confederacy, in upstate New York.

Autumn and Ezra from Eves Cidery

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