Artist Interviews: Leila Sherman and Zuri Sherman

A Brief Conversation with Zuri Sherman

How long have you been drawing?

ZS: Since I was…2?

What inspired the image?

ZS: I don’t know, I wanted something that wasn’t boring…I was inspired by Angry Orchard, but I wanted something nice and new. Mom and Dad are always making labels with a tree and an apple on it, and so I wanted to make something with a skeleton to keep things interesting.

I wanted something that would give them good sales, since their other labels…it’s new, and all the other labels are sorta...less interesting.

Why do you think it's representative of the Skelepear?

ZS: Well, the name kind of matches. And I got to name it, actually, so that helped. Uh, and the perry seemed kinda skeletal? It was the first thing that came to mind.

What’s your next project going to be?

ZS: Probably drawing a dinosaur or something.

A Brief Conversation with Leila Sherman

How long have you been drawing?

LS: Ever since I could hold a pen in my hand!

What inspired the image?

LS: Well, I didn't really know what to do for it, but "Dabinett" and "Spy" sound sorta like names, like fancyish names, so I decided to make two people dancing.

Why do you think it's representative of the Dabinett and Spy?

LS: Like, you mean, the cider? I haven't tasted it. But itthe namesounded like that kind of picture.

Is your art available for public viewing anywhere else?

LS: Not that I know of? But I've been hiding little notes everywhere in public spaces.

So a sort of performance art piece?

LS: Yeah, that!

Oh, and the Eve's Cidery Art Gallery--I have lots of drawing on the walls of the cider house. So you can come and see them here!


Interviews edited for clarity, dog-barking, and chicken-wrangling delays. To follow Leila's advice and come see her art, schedule a tasting by appointment.