NV Scatterseed

Traditional Method Sparkling Cider
$18 | 750ml

Aromas of damp earth, ripe waxy apple, tamari and beeswax focus (coalesce) into flavors of ripe fruit and game which are deep and layered. Textures of sandstone and chewy bittersweet apple. Finish is completely dry and savory with full, lingering tannin.

Serving Suggestions:

This is a great cider to pair with ripe, stinky cheese. Serve at cellar temperature (55 degrees)


The Story of Scatterseed

In 2012 we had a batch of bittersweet cider that had very intense, concentrated tannins that was too aggressive to make it into our regular blends. We set it aside and let it go through a wild Malo Lactic fermentation and age on the lees. By 2013 the tannins had changed from aggressive to chewy, making a cider with an incredible structure and some decided wild earthy flavors. Last winter we blended it with a lovely batch of 2014 bittersweets that had lots of ripe fruit aromas and put it into a secondary fermentation.

-Autumn Stoscheck Cidermaker/Orchardist



A field blend of Ellis bitter, Akane, Yarlington Mill and Bulmer's Norman.


Source of Apples:

  • Estate grown


Production Notes:

  • 2012 Primary fermentation in stainless steel.
  • Wild Malo Lactic fermentation which was combined with a 2013 lees aged bittersweet blend.
  • Bottled in 2013
  • 100 cases made