2015 Kingston Black

Still Dry Cider SOLD OUT
$16 | 750ml

On the nose, dried apples, macadamia nuts and dusty roses. On the palate, calendula flowers, cloves, wood and tobacco with tense, springy tannin. The finish is kerosene and sour apple.

Serving Suggestions:

This chewy, tannic cider should be served at cellar temperature (55 degrees). Pair with pumpkin soup, and anything with brown butter and sage.

The Story of Kingston Black '15

We have one row of Kingston Black trees, planted 15 years ago by Autumn and her dad at the beginning of a journey of learning what is worth it and what isn’t.

At one time Kingston Black was heavily favored after being discovered around the middle of the 1800s in Somerset England.  Since then it has gotten a reputation as being biennial. We are not so sure.  It appears no more difficult to grow than some of our other varieties. And its attributes make it highly desirable.

Kingston Black is considered a bitter sharp: an apple that has exceptional tannins and acid. As such, it has the components to make a single variety cider.

We are excited any time we have a large enough crop of Kingston Blacks to devote to a single bottling. In 2015, we noticed that the flesh of these apples browned after we picked them and contributed to a desirable nuttiness and dried apple aroma.

Producing a single variety, estate grown, dry cider sets up the opportunity to compare terroir, which is widely available in the wine world, especially in the United States, where single variety wines are favored. Our friends at Farnum Hill also make a 100% estate grown Kingston Black cider. We invite you to add both to your shelves.

Ezra Sherman Cidermaker/ Orchardist


  • 100% Estate grown Kingston Black


Production Notes:

  • Primary fermentation in stainless steel.
  • 21 cases bottled



  • Residual sugar 0.0%
  • Alc/Vol 8.6%
  • Titratable Acidity 7.1 g/l
  • pH 3.8