2019 Rustica

Traditional Method Semi-Sweet Cider
$18 | 750 ml

Tasting Notes: apple syrup, sea foam, rock dust

Serving Suggestion:

This is a rich, thick thick cider that is deeply satisfying as a stand alone drink.

The high acid, high tannic, high sugar balance pairs well with strong blue cheese or figs wrapped in bacon.

The Story of Rustica 2019

In 2019 we harvested so many wild apples that we were able to freeze some of the juice to make cryo-concentrate. After taking the first draw, to make ice cider and the second draw to make pommeau, we took the third draw to make this version of Rustica.

The primary fermentation was stopped early with cold and filtration, bottled and disgorged while there was still considerable residual sugar. The result is a naturally sparkling, sweet cider with tons of acidity and tannin.

-Autumn Stoscheck orchardist/cidermaker



Apple Varieties:

  • 100% wild foraged apples

Production Notes:

  • Wild yeast primary fermentation in stainless steel.
  • Fermentation stopped early with cold and filtration.
  • In-bottle secondary fermentation.
  • Disgorged with residual sugar remaining.


  • Residual Sugar 74 grams/liter (7.4%)
  • Alc/Vol 7%
  • Titratable Acidity 9.7 grams/liter