2021 Autumn's Gold

Traditional Method Sparkling Cider

$21 | 750 ml

Tasting Notes:

apricot butter ~ beeswax ~ smoldering

The Story of Autumn's Gold 2021

Autumn’s Gold is our flagship blend, one that highlights the characteristics of true European bittersweet apples: smoke, warm spice, damp leaves, leather and ripe, ripe apple. The first batch of cider we ever made and named was Autumn’s Gold. Why? Because after 9 months of fumbling around with no idea what we were doing, we disgorged the bottles a week before our grand opening and poured out a stunningly beautiful, rich, golden colored cider, redolent of the orchard floor after harvest and James declared it was “Autum’s Gold’ and nobody could argue. That golden liquid is the ideal that Eve’s -- the farm and cider making operation -- is built around. 

~Autumn Stoscheck, Cider Maker/ Orchardist

21 Autumns Gold back


The 2021 version is made from the following blend: 

  • Idared 29%
  • Ellis Bitter 25% 
  • Bramley’s Seedling 12%,
  • Kingston Black 6% 
  • Golden Russet 6% 
  • Frequin Rouge 4%
  • Akane 4%
  • Liberty 3%
  • various bittersweets in small quantities 11%.

Production Notes:

  • Wild yeast primary fermentation in stainless steel and neutral oak. 
  • In-bottle secondary fermentation followed by hand disgorging.
  • 350 cases bottled on July 13, 2022 with a tirage of yeast and sugar.
  • Disgorged with a dosage on Sept 14, 2022.


  • Residual Sugar 1%, perceives bone dry
  • Alc/Vol 8%