2021 Home Farm Pét-nat

Pét-nat style Cider
$18 | 750 ml

Tasting notes:

malted barley, caraway, clay

Serving Suggestion:

Pet nats have a rustic feel, with delicious frothy bubbles and a bit of sediment. Pair this cider with a thick slice of sourdough rye slathered with cultured butter. 

The Story of 2021 Home Farm Pét-nat

This is the first bottling of what we hope will become a regular in our line up, a pet nat made from a field blend harvested from our certified organic Albee Hill orchard. The blend consists of varieties that we planted in quantity, 20 years ago, with a vision of providing a balanced cider blend. Those varieties are: Ellis Bitter (tannins and bittersweet aroma), Bramley’s Seedling (pure acid), Golden Russet (aroma), Northern Spy (minerality), Liberty (aroma) and Goldrush (acid). The cider was blended mostly at the press and a little bit before bottling and bottled at 1.010 residual sugar to capture a natural spritz in the bottle. The painting on the label was made by our daughter, Leila. 

Autumn Stoscheck Cider Maker/ Orchardist


Apple Varieties:

Apple Varieties: Golden Russet 28%, Bramley’s Seedling 28%,Ellis Bitter 28%, Liberty 8%, Northern Spy 6%, Goldrush 2%.

Production Notes:

  • wild fermentation in stainless steel and neutral oak
  • bottled at 1.010 specific gravity to capture bubbles in the bottle.