Traditional Method Dry Cider
$22 | 750 ml

Tasting notes:

poached pear ~ vanilla ~ wool

The Story of Orchards and Pastures 2022

This cider has become a mainstay in recent years. Essentially, everytime a cider gets racked (moved from one tank to another), the lees (the yeasty portion that gets left behind) are added to a “lees tank”.  By allowing the collected cider to sit for a very long time, the yeast will settle out a bit more, leaving one last portion to rack.  The resulting cider has the following characteristics: 

-It's a blend of every tank we made in that season and often includes both apple and pear and both farm-grown fruit and wild-foraged fruit, 

-The cider develops character from contact with the lees.

-There's always a little bit of funk. 

We liked the way the lees cider tasted so much we decided to bottle it.

Autumn Stoscheck Cider Maker/ Orchardist

Orchards and Pastures Back 22 copy

Apple Varieties:

The 2022 version of Orchards and Pastures is about 30% wild foraged pear and 70% apples grown on our farm.

Production Notes:

Fermented in stainless steel with wild and commercial yeast. Secondary fermentation in-bottle followed by disgorging.