2023 CoFerment

Apple cider fermented with grape skins
$18 | 750 ml

Tasting Notes: black cherry ~ almond paste ~ crunchy apple

We made a Coferment for the first time last year and the project was so much fun we decided to keep playing around with it this year. The basic idea? Take 2 products that are essentially waste and turn them into something delicious and quaffable. To make this bottling, we pressed Liberty apples (which otherwise had no home) from Stoney Ridge Orchard in Erin and added wild fermented Pinot Noir grape pommace from Phil Davis’ vineyard over in Hector. In red wine making, the grape skins are pressed after the primary fermentation. Basically, when Katey Larwood, winemaker at Damiani Vineyard, tells us they are pressing, we run over and grab the pommace and add it to freshly pressed juice. The skins are teeming with their own yeasts so once they get mixed into the apple juice the tank really takes off and finishes up in a matter of weeks (very different from fermenting with native apple yeasts). There’s still plenty of tannins, flavors and color in the skins so we get character in an otherwise character deficient juice. 

These Pinot Noir skins had really cool fermentation aromatics- lots of black cherry and sweet almond paste. The Liberty contributes a kind of pure, fresh, crunchy apple. All put together in a piquette-pet nat-nouveau mash up. A lovely drop for the holidays.


Coferment 22 back copy