2023 Two Year Pommeau

Apple spirits & cider
$36 | 500 ml

Tasting Notes: pecans ~ pineapple ~ fruitcake

The Story of 2023 Two Year Pommeau

The first pommeau we ever made was in 2017 (a 3 year aged pommeau). Since then we have been laying away spirits in oak barrels to keep a pommeau program going. Since 2014, we’ve been working with Collin McConville at Apple Country Spirits (and now at Finger Lakes Distilling) to custom distill our cider into brandy. Sometimes we ferment batches specifically to distill, sometimes they are mistakes or cider otherwise not good enough to bottle. We hope in the future to expand this effort and distill surplus apples in on-year production cycles. Pommeau is a blend of apple spirits and apple juice. Practically speaking, we are often making a complex blend that includes aged spirits, a fraction of cryo-concentrated juice, and some fully or partially fermented cider. We aim for around 20% alcohol, balanced acidity, appley-ness, a bit of earth/damp leaves, and nutty oxidized flavors. 

Also now a tradition, we grace the label with one of Ezra’s mom’s beautiful paintings. Janet Byer Sherman loved the natural beauty of the area and captured the light, color and form in evocative abstract oil paintings. Of all the ciders we made, Janet probably liked the pommeau the best and she was tickled that we asked her if we could use her paintings for the labels.  Janet passed early this year, but we think of her often and it’s nice to be able to continue to share her unique way of seeing the world with all of you.

This 2023 bottling of pommeau was aged in barrels for 2 years before blending and bottling.  An indispensable sipper for cozy fall nights and a good way to wow your friends with something very good that they probably have not had before.

Autumn Stoscheck Cider Maker/ Orchardist


Production Notes:

~apple spirits & cider

~aged in barrels for 2 years

~100% grown on our farm or wild foraged