B118 Rootstock


B118 is considered to be close-to-standard meaning it is a large, long-lived, well anchored tree. In our experience trees on these roots will begin setting fruit in the 3rd year…highly precocious for a big tree. They are also extremely cold hardy and seem to be less appealing to voles than some. These B118 rootstocks are grown in our own certified organic stoolbed and layered with compost, biochar and local hardwood bark mulch. Unlike commercial rootstocks which often have very little roots and are grown on fumigated soils, these babies have a vigorous mat of roots that are teeming with mycorrhizal fungi. These rootstocks ship in the very early spring, as soon as we can dig them. They do not ship with scion wood orders. We recommend in situ whip-and-tongue grafting in the first or second year. Read more about this method here.

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Certified organic B118 rootstocks are grown in our orchard stoolbed. B118 is our favorite rootstock for a low input cider orchard. Considered close to standard in size, cold hardy, less attractive to voles than some, well anchored and very precocious– often beginning to bear in the 3rd year in our orchards. Unlike commercial rootstocks, these babies have lots of beautiful roots and already formed mycorhizal colonies.