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It is dawn 

Birds are crying out in perfect shards of song

The world turns, the air shifts, it’s true it won’t be long,

Till the Apple buds burst out to bloom and grace the world with their throng

Of joyous petals, laughing at the fact

That something’s wrong

That something’s 



It is day

The daffodils poke out as if to play

Life pushes up from the ground, as if to say 

“I am here now, no more fear now, until I fall away”

Bloom brings bees, and bees bring fruit, a message in a way,

“Eat me up as sweet as love then

Throw the rest away"

Throw the rest



It is dusk 

The dandelions disperse their ghostly fluff

Wishes destined to float away 

We are starstuff. 

No different than a handcuff

A cream puff 

Life leads to death and death to decay, 

“Until next year” we say

We say

“Until the dawn” we


By Leila Sherman

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Hi there! Welcome to my column: The Beckhorn Valley View.


My name is Leila. I'm an un-schooling, circus performing, art-loving farm kid who now has their own column in the Eves Cidery farm blog. In my regular column you'll get a Leila-eye-view of the farm, I'll share with you the beautiful scenery of the cider orchards, creative solutions to everyday farm problems, the latest news from the farm dogs, a unique glimpse of my distracted parents and so much more. I hope you enjoy the read and become a regular- have a creative day!