Traditional Method Dry Cider
$18 | 750 ml

Tasting notes: tart cherry, espresso, shearling

Serving Suggestion:

Ezra says pair this one with tandoori chicken or pretty much anything grilled and spicy. A big cider for flavorful food.

The Story of Darling Creek 2020

The 2021 Darling Creek is a complicated cider. Complicated because it’s production flummoxed and challenged us. Complicated because, although it is a similar blend of apples to many of our past versions, its flavor is radically difficult. And complicated because it is truly a complex cider. 

2020 was a drought year, and the apples had concentrated flavors. The high sugar converted to high alcohol, but the high acid hung around and made it hard to find a balanced blend. On top of that, challenges during the fermentation led to a bit of acetic acid formation, contributing to the overall too-much-acid feeling. 

As we began to see how the ‘21 harvest was shaping up, we decided it might be fun to see what blending a small amount of it into Darling Creek would be like. The intense acidity was softened with a newly fermented and lovely batch of Ellis Bitter. We decided to blend in 15% of the new vintage in accordance with TTB rules for vintage dating (although there is no vintage dating for cider) . The result? A constantly unfolding multilayered cider with tons of acidity and tannin underpinning fruit, flowers, spice and animal and earth. 

Autumn Stoscheck Cider Maker/ Orchardist

Darling Creek 2020

Apple Varieties:

This cider is made entirely from apples grown in our biointensively managed orchards and blended in the following ratio:

Acidity (57%) Krys, Bramley’s Seedling, Northern Spy, Cox Orange Pippin, Akane

Aromatics (35%)Tydeman’s Early Worcester, Liberty, Idared

Texture (12%)Ellis Bitter, Somerset Redstreak

Production Notes:

  • Primary fermentation in stainless steel and neutral oak.
  • Wild yeast primary fermentation.
  • Filtered and bottled with tirage.
  • In-bottle secondary fermentation followed by hand disgorging.
  • 265 cases bottled