Crab Apple

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Puget Spice

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Puget Spice (High gravity tannin acid bomb)

One of the most disease resistant trees in our orchard. Ping pong ball size apples easily shake off the tree when ripe in the late fall. Lots of sugar, lots of tannin, lots of acid.

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Virginia Crab

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Virginia (Hewe’s) Crab. (aromatics, tannins, acid)

As the climate warms, we find ourselves drawn more and more to this apple from the southern end of our Appalachian mountains. Brix on this gem ranges from 16 to 20, depending on the year on our site. Besides having beautiful tannins, this apple contributes sheer energy to cider. A fresh aliveness that’s unique. Virginia Crab really is a crab…it’s small, and the juice yields are frustratingly low, but it bears annually and the fruit is super concentrated. Blooms early, ripens early, and it very susceptible to scab.

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