Thank You for Ordering Directly From the Farm

Thank you for drinking our cider. We hope you enjoy it, because it is expressive and delicious.

But we also want you to know that when you order from our online store, you are buying directly from the farm.


You are directly supporting our work to:

1. Grow apples in a holistic manner.

This means following National Organic guidelines, but also means selective mowing to encourage habitat for wild pollinators, mulching our trees for weed suppression and building soil organic content, squishing some pests by hand, rather than spraying for them, using an understanding of the lifecycle of insects pests to do non-chemical pest management such as using pheromones for mating disruption, practicing herbal medicine on our trees, and so much more (which you can read about here).

We are passionate about the notion that great cider apples can be grown in a healthy orchard ecosystem with out the use of synthetic pesticide or herbicides. This takes a lot of work.

2. Make the best cider, with out rushing.

Our cidermaking is not about getting another "craft" beverage to market. Our cidermaking is about doing what it takes to make really great cider, a sort of un-pragmatic purism at times. Often, that means physical labor, like making champagne method ciders and disgorging each one by hand.

It also means patience... like waiting for primary fermentations to finish slowly on their own with out additions, even if it takes months. Or waiting half a year for secondary fermentations to create natural bubbles rather than force carbonating out of a tank. This also takes a lot of work.


We are a small (tiny, actually) family farm on a little slice of ground in upstate New York.

Please feel to come and visit (call first, as we are not open to the public) and check out some of this work up close.

And thank for for buying cider directly from the farm.

Autumn Stoscheck