Scion Wood Shop.

Welcome to our pop-up Scion Wood Shop.

Order deadline is February 25th. We will cut and ship the scionwood first week of March (unless you notify us you would like them to ship later with your rootstocks). Each stick will have approximately 16 buds (if the sticks are short, we ship extra). If you would like to order more than 100 sticks, we can offer quantity discount pricing. Email Autumn for details autumnstoscheck at gmail dot com

*Scionwood are hardwood cuttings, not trees! You have to graft or bud onto rootstocks or established trees. 

More deets here:

  • Certified organic B118 rootstocks are grown in our orchard stoolbed. B118 is our favorite rootstock for a low input cider orchard. Our rootstocks are gown without herbicides in local hardwood chips and have lots of beautiful roots and already formed mycorhizal colonies. For orders over 100, contact Autumn autumnstoscheck at gmail dot com for discount pricing. We are shipping these as soon as we can dig them in mid-late March (digging date is weather dependent). Please let us know if you would like us to hold your scions to ship with rootstocks. Otherwise they will ship separately.
  • We recommend  in-situ whip and tongue grafting as a planting technique. Read more about it here.
  • Scions come from our certified organic orchards. Except for a few exceptions (where noted) the scionwood is cut from bearing trees so we know for sure the variety on the tag is what it claims to be!
  • Properly stored, scionwood can keep in your fridge for months.
  • Flat rate shipping for scion orders to 49 US States is $15. (Alaska, sorry but we'll have to charge addition for next day air).
  • Flat rate shipping for budwood is $15. (Alaska, sorry but we'll have to charge addition for next day air).
  • Scion Wood Shop closes on 2/25/24

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Wickson (pure, searing acid, high brix, plus a little bit of spice) This apple is a great, complimentary source of acid. It’s very concentrated, allowing less to be used so the intensity of the main bittersweet or aromatic character is retained.
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Yarlington Mill

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Yarlington Mill.

This highly biennial apple adds soft, supple tannin to the structure of a cider which tends to make the cider more voluptuous and approachable. In addition, it has lovely complementary aromatics like orchard floor, leather and smoke.

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